Murdar Sing Herb Meaning in English Meaning in Urdu مُردار سنگ

Murdar Singh or Murdar Seng is a herb used for skin health and beauty purposes. It comes in solid rock form usually but also available in powder form. It is used in face masks and beauty formulas for achieving glowing and beautiful skin. It is easily available at any hakeem or pansar shop.

in Roman Urdu

Reviews & Comments

Basha khan - Hyderabad Jul 22, 2017
I need murdarseig stone can any one help me for this.
Imteyaz - Srinagar india Apr 01, 2017
Sir I have some kg of a red stone. Some people say it is murdar sang but some says it is not that . I am confused it is like you posted in the fig. It is heavier in weight and can be deducted via metal defector.sir will you please say me the truth what is this.
Hotchand - Mithi Mar 14, 2017
Its a nice herbal rock name Murdar Singh. can you please share english name? is it edible or not?