Healthy Food For Children!

Healthy Food For Children!
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Keep your children away from medicines. Overcome any kind of weakness by giving them such a these kind of appropriate healthy foods.
Orange: you can give fruits, vegetable juice and soup from the age of 6 weeks. Orange juice is very healthy for children.
It makes children healthy and they grow faster. It also helps against diseases of bones. Children that are not taking mother feed should drink orange juice regularly.
Carrot: children remain healthy if consume carrot juice three times a day. Mother should also drink carrot juice. Children, who drink carrot juice from the time of birth, do not fall ill. Milk mixed with carrot juice is helps to grow children faster.
Mustard Oil: massage children with mustard oil and leave them in sun light for some time. It will make their bones strong.
Potato: potato juice helps to make children healthy.
Garlic: add 2 drops of garlic juice, ¼ spoon of honey in 1 spoon in water. It helps in any kind of physical weakness in children.
Almond: soak an almond in water. Peel it in morning and mash well. Mix mashed almond in milk and give it to your child. It is very healthy for children who are on milk.

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