7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf

Style 1 | Dual Layer Simple Scarf

This is a stylish two-layer scarf. Wear it in routine especially when going to school or college.

Style 2 | Simple Scarf The Modern Way

The theme of this style is simple but in a modern way. This one is very easy and can be worn properly within minutes.

Style 3 | Zig Zag Style

Say it zig-zag or criss-cross, this dual color scarf is a new one in the recent trends. This will be a perfect one for wearing at parties.

Style 4 | Colorful Criss-Cross Hijab

This is another criss-cross style of scarf. This will look good if scarf is made with printed design fabric.

Style 5 | Shawl Polkadot Chic

A beautiful set of scarf with polkadot shawl. Learn this style in 14 easy steps. The final appearance is also given at the bottom right corner of the image.

Style 6 | 5-Step Easy Scarf Style

Very stylish and modern style. Also easy to wear.

Style 7 | Trendy Hijab

This is a simple and sober trendy hijab. It will give your personality a very decent appearance.

KFoods.com brings 7 simple yet beautiful ways for wearing a scarf for Muslim women and girls. All these styles offer a perfect way to do hijab besides maintaing a graceful look. Taught with step by step tutorials, you can adopt any style you like very easily.

Wearing scarves is though a dressing habit of Muslim girls but these days, it is getting popular as a part of fashion as well. Muslim girls across the world like to wear hijab in a trendy style that not only fulfils the rituals of Islamic dressing but also reflects a graceful and impressive look of the personality. From Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, KSA, Turkey and Kuwait, doing hijab is an established practice and therefore we are presenting 7 different styles of scarves.

Here are the 7 trendy ways of wearing a hijab.

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All design is very beautiful

  • Samra, Pakistan
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so nice

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