Top 10 Beef Recipes You Must Try This Eid

top 10 beef recipes

In the balance what to make with beef? Here are the top 10 beef recipes you must eat this Eid ul Adha (2015). Either sacrificed or received, beef is the meat available at hand in abundance. Cows, heifers, calves and bulls, all these are the mostly sacrificed cattle on Eid ul Adha these days and therefore the very next weeks after the Eid, you are going to eat beef dishes, certainly. Here, has compiled top beef recipes from Pakistani cuisines, making them would definitely give you some amazing tastes with your qurbani meat.

The list begins here.

1. Bihari Kabab

bihari kabab beef

Bihari Kabab is a popular beef dish of Pakistan. Bihari kababs are never limited to Bakra Eid but eaten and enjoyed throughout the year. Not to miss making them this Eid.

Here is how to make bihari kabab (step by step).

2. Chapli Kabab

beef chapli kabab

Chapli Kabab is one of the traditional Pakistani foods. Let's enjoy it making at home with a very easy recipe guide by

Explore method of making chapli kabab recipe (step by step).

3. Sukha Hua Gosht - Dried Meat Strips

sukha hua gosht

Sukha hua gosht or dried beef gives a wonderful taste, yet many people don't know how to prepare this dish. If you want to enjoy newer tastes, must set aside some meat for making dry beef.

Learn how to make dried meat strips recipe.

4. Tala Hua Gosht - Fried Beef

tala hua gosht

Tala hua gosht or fried beef is another form of lusciousness and taste that we miss the whole year. It's the time, it's the opportunity. Leave the usual and try unusual dishes of beef.

Get the recipe of fried beef here.

5. Hunter Beef


Hunter beef is though available through the year but at very few dining spots. While you have beef at hand and is giving you the recipe, why not try it youself this Eid.

Learn how to make hunter beef at home.

6. Gola Kabab


Gola Kabab is often seen at barbeque events and sometimes in wedding parties. Gola Kababs, imli chatni, and a puri paratha is the best combination ever on a dining table.

Get a step by step recipe of gola kababs by

7. Malai Kabab


Malai Kabab brings a juicy option to avail with beef on Eid ul Adha. Try making malai kebabs and enjoy the juicy pleasure of meat filaments.

Learn how to make malai kabab recipe at

8. BBQ Fry Keema

bbq keema

Trying an unordinary keema recipe may please everyone around. Make a delicious BBQ fry keema, serve with raita, salad and hot paratha to win the hearts.

Here is the recipe of BBQ Keema.

9. Raan Roast

spicy raan roast

Roast Raan, just heard the name and mouth started watering. Yes, it's another option for you to best utilize the beef. Keep raan aside and prepare to enjoy scrumptious spicy roasted leg. It can be prepared with mutton leg as well.

Here is the Recipe of Spicy Roasted Leg.

10. Dum Chops (Chanpen)

bbq keema

I recommend you must make Dum Chops with beef. Whole year, we eat chicken this and chicken that; we almost forget the excellent options we can have with beef and mutton etc. This time, don't let go Eid without spice.

Get a complete recipe for Dum Chops in Urdu at and enjoy the merriments and tastes of Eid with these unordinary beef dishes.

Here are the top 10 beef recipes which are full of spices and tastes. If you like beef, get these recipes handy before Eid comes and goes. has gathered the best recipes you can make with cow or veal meat. All these dishes are dry and spicy that you can enjoy with raita, salads, chutney and tomato ketchups. Let's start exploring the collection.

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