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meat one - quality meat supplier

Categories of Meat Offered

Meatone offers you chilled meat not frozen so it has better taste and with all the nutrient in the meat for healthy living of our consumers.Meat One specializes in five different product categories namely:


Thinking to make delicious Mutton Karahi or Korma? You can get fresh and quality mutton with variety of options like front chops, back chops, breast, mix boti, leg pieces, neck, shoulder, mince, and whole carcass. Visit your nearest Meat One outlet or order through call center 111163281 and get the mutton of your choice.


Beef lovers can shop for variety of beef items including front chops, back chops, mix Boti, breast piece, boneless cubes, boneless cubes lean, Nihari Cut ( with bone and without bone), mince, Pasanda, and Nali for Nihari. Grab your favorite piece from the Meat One outlet near you.


Chicken is third premium product of Meat One offering variety of biryani cut, Karahi cut, korma cut, legs, drumsticks, breast, breast boneless, mince, wings, whole chicken ( with and without skin).


Fish in Oceanic range is available from Meat One. Get fresh fish of your choice anytime.

Ready to Cook Lines

This is the most promising product of Meat One that can facilitate the working women. Meat One offers variety of Marinated products that includes meals and snacks. Purchase blazing Chicken wings, Chicken strips, Samosa / Roll as your ultimate snack item. Proper meal category includes roasted mutton leg, roasted chicken, Chapli kebabs and much more. Stock your deep freezers with Meat One’s ready to cook products that can help you at the time of emergency.

Note:Meat One customers can purchase fresh pre-pack meat cuts or you can get the customized butchery service available at shop.

meat one - iftar platter

Extension in Product Line

Recently Meat One has extended its product line by adding Salad option for the health conscious customers. The premium Salad range and ingredients are designed keeping in mind the preferences of the customers;

  • 120 grams of chicken breast
  • No MSG
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Premium olives, ice berg lattice

Meat One Quality Control

Meat One ensures the selection of healthy, grass-fed, and healthy livestock. No animal are given hormone injections or antibiotics. Veterinarians check the animals before Halal slaughtering. After slaughtering the meat is again checked and on approval they are sent to shops.

meat one - quality control

Value for Money

Meat One believes in delivering quality and hygienic meat to all buyers. Whether you are a seasoned buyer or not, Meat One provide what you ask for. No compromise is made on quantity or quality of meat products. The charges are ONLY for meat, not for fat or excess bone. Similarly, unlike your regular butcher, Meat One provides you lean cuts with no excess fat.

Home Delivery Valid at Meat One

Those who fail to visit Meat One outlet due to any reason can now opt for Free Home Delivery Services to all. Loyalty card is provided to regular customers who can avail 5% discount on fresh raw meat, and 10% discount on Ready to cook items.

Meat One Qurbani Service

No need to get into the trouble of locating butcher on Eid ul Adha. Meat One offers premium Qurbani services to fulfil the religious obligations for its customers. Healthy animals are selected for sacrifice strictly under the Shariah jurisdiction.

Purchasing meat was never so comfortable until Meat One makes it to the Pakistani market. Categorized as the pioneer of specialized chain of meat stores in Pakistan, Meat One is a subsidiary of Al Shaheer Corporation. Presently it operates with 18 outlets in Karachi, 4 in Lahore, 5 in Islamabad, 2 Rawalpindi, and 1 Hyderabad. Meat One is a unique concept that changed the meat purchasing methods of Pakistanis. It offers export quality beef, and mutton, with a state of the art infra-structure. Meat One get its meat from its parent company Al-Shaheer Ltd, which currently deals with the exports of mutton and beef to Middle East. Meat One is committed to deliver quality meat to its customers ensuring customer satisfaction.

Meat One Quality Meat Destination

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Meat One - Perfect Destination for Quality Meat

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