10 Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women

Know the 10 basic causes why hair fall out in women as well as in men. Spot the one which is causing the problem to you and control it before you get baldness.

Hair loss problem is found in both men and women. But everyone runs after the treatment ignoring the root causes of why they are losing hair? Unknowingly, people use wrong tonics, creams and low quality products to treat the problem but they bring nothing but loss of money.

Knowing the reasons, both men and women can prevent hair from falling out and in addition, make their hair stronger, shinier and more beautiful. Sometimes hair falling is not the only problem and comes with hair shredding, hair thinning, alopecia and hypothyroidism.

So you need to step wisely!

First spot the causes of your hair problems, then fix them naturally to control the loss of hair. Here are the top 10 root causes of hair fall.

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