Eid Hairstyles 2019

1.Waterfall Braid with Wavy Curls:

Braids are a gorgeous way to stylish yourself during festive occasions like Eid. Whether it’s for a graceful dinner, casual meet ups with your cousins or to just look simply gorgeous, this hairstyle is a winner. Because whatever the occasion, a braided waterfall is the right choice to create a graceful look to amaze whoever is in your company. While the hairstyle may look complicated, trying it out is simple and anyone can do it.

2.The Goddess Braid:

Who says wanting to tie your hair in braids is old school? We don’t! Because this gorgeous Rapunzel-style braid is the best style for you. Whether it’s a causal meet up with friends or relatives, this style is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

3.The Royal Up-do:

There’s everything but casual about this hairstyle. This royal up-do speaks grace as the twists and turns come together neatly into a bun and it is best for late night dinner plans, weddings, festive gatherings and meetings with relatives. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that brings out the inner maturity in you, this is the best one among all!

4.Short Hairstyles:

Short hairstyles create the much-needed sassy, eye-catching and low-maintenance look that is needed for women who desire short hair. Moreover, short hairstyles can effortlessly earn the highest style points. Choose your favorite short style from hundreds of ideas and drift with the look. You don’t need long hair to look feminine, in fact, with these hairstyles extravagance, style and playfulness is just one styling away!

5.Back-comb Hair with Curly Ends:

In a world where long bobs, beachy waves and braids seem to have taken over, it is always refreshing to see hair neatly back-combed. Even if it’s a messy back-comb like this gorgeous hairstyle, it looks nothing but sleek and chic. This hairstyle not only portrays sophistication but also confidence. This look will not only highlight your confidence, but will make you look graceful throughout the day.

6.The Noor-Jehan:

Who could ever forget the classic Noor-Jehan look on festive occasions like Eid? Not only does this hairstyle make you look super graceful, but also add in more beauty to your face. The loose twists and strands on the front of your face will make sure to turn heads as you walk by.

7.One-Sided Braid:

If you’re tired of wearing the same feminine hairstyles and are looking for something unique to wear on Eid, this hairstyle is the one for you. This one-sided braid is all about bringing out the fashionista inside you and to let others know that you’re not only restricted to pretty hairstyles but unique ones as well. Not only does this style speaks fashion but also brings out the confidence and graceful part of you out.

8.Wavy Bangs:

If you’re a person with bangs who is trying to discover a way to effortlessly look with your bangs, this hairstyle is for you. The light curls combines with straight bangs are one of the most eye-catching and prize-worthy styles of this year. Not only is this style super comfortable but is also stylish and makes you look extremely graceful.

9.The Curly-Fun:

When all else fails, just go wild! If you’re a person who owns curly hair, there’s no need to be shy because this year’s Eid is your time to shine with your curls. Not only does this style look extremely graceful but it makes you look confidence in your own skin. To women who don’t have curly hair, don’t fret. Because this style isn’t as complicated as it looks. In fact, it is super easy to try this out. Remember to keep a hair heat-resistant serum with you!

10.The Straight Solution:

You could try all of the styles above or just try out the simple, yet gorgeous straight hairstyle. Not only will this hairstyle make you look beautiful, but will also compliment your Eid dress. Moreover, it will look extremely chic and stylish with the perfect mehndi design.

Eid hairstyles 2019 is a list of gorgeous new and innovative hairstyle trends that are perfect for festive days like Eid-ul-Fitr. And for many, Eid is a time where women and girls around the world get the excuse to shop for glittery clothes, jewelry, makeup, and pin up their hair in trendy hairstyles. For some, hair is the most important essence of the body that defines their personality and style. The importance of finding a good hairstyle that suits you is to give you a flawless and outstanding look on a festive occasion like Eid. Eid hairstyles 2019 is a gorgeous list of trending and easy hairstyles that are perfect for the summer. And although Eid is going to be in the hot days of summer, doesn’t mean that you should compromise with your hairstyles because we have the perfect list that includes cool hairstyles that are easy and not time-consuming.
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