Tanbe Ke Bartan Se Pani Pine Ke Faide

Hopefully, you have seen an old set of copper jugs and tumblers stored in cupboard of any of your grandparents. In old days, people mostly used to drink water in copper pots. They knew the benefits of copper pot water but unfortunately today's generation does not.

Today, we will tell you some very useful benefits of copper pots. If you find a couple of copper drinking glass or jug in a corner of your home, grab it and start using it for drinking water. And after reading the advantages told below, you will surely do.

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  • Abidullah - Dec 08, 2015

    haha hamare ghar me bhi kuch purane bartan pare hain nikalne paren ge.

  • Salim Uzair - Dec 07, 2015

    Before I did not drink water in it but now I will.

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