5 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Refrigerator was an incredible invention in our everyday lives. In the era before refrigerator, people either have to abandon food due to its perishment or they had to do tough tricks to conserve food for long. The age we live in is full of facilities and equipments. Many of our tasks are performed by electric and electronic appliances we have got in our homes ever since we have gained consciousness.

Let's read about the fruits, vegetables and other foods that we should store in room rather than storing them in our fridge.

Food 1


tomatoes never refrigerate

Tomatoes to refrigerate or not? Here is the answer. Tomatoes have soft and delicate structure. Keeping it in refrigerator breaks its texture, turns it mushy and makes it gradually unusable.

1. Tamatar


Food 2


do not store potatoes in refrigerator

Potatoes are also not go well with refrigerators. Keeping them in a fridge would make them sweeter. Cold atmosphere inside refrigerators breaks the starch of potatoes which in turn increases sweetness in it. Also storing potatoes in refrigerator will make them harder.

2. Aloo


Food 3


breads not to refrigerate

Do not refrigerate bread as well. Wheat in bread contains starch granules which is broken in the moisture and therefore loses its shape. This also causes bread to get stale and dry fast.

3. Double Roti

double roti

Food 4


don't store honey in fridge

Honey does not need to be stored in cold environment. Rather, keeping it in room temperature is better for it as it helps honey maintain its natural freshness. Highly cold or hot highly hot, both can damage its original taste. Storing it in refrigerator may change its shape and texture.

4. Shehed


Food 5


never refrigerate garlic in refrigerator

Garlic cloves start loosening their texture and hardness in cold temperature. Storing garlic in fridge also affects its taste. But it is also worth knowing that you can store chopped or crushed garlic in refrigerator in an air-tight container.

5. Lehsun


Do you store every food item in refrigerator? You know there are foods not to refrigerate ever. Storing these foods in a fridge may spoil its nutrition and make them even worse in freshness. There are certain fruits and vegetables you should not refrigerate rather store them at room temperature in order to have best of them.

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  • hina ahsan - karachi Apr 13, 2018

    Nice information

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    Thank u for knowledge

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    I agree with u in some matter but tomato

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    Tamatr ko farig me rakhny wali bat bilk wrong he

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    ٹماٹر کوفریج میں نه رکهنے والی بات غلط ہے بلکہ ٹماٹر کو تو فریج میں رکھنا چاہیے

  • Madeeha Iqrar - Karachi Dec 08, 2015

    i already know all these foods and never keep them in fridge. i prefer storing them in my kitchen cabinets or in baskets at room temperature.

  • Mina - Riyadh Dec 02, 2015

    useful knowledge. we mistakenly stored bread in fridge but now after reading this post, we will not. thanks for sharing . stay blessed and happy.

  • irfan - oman Salalah Nov 20, 2015

    Very good

  • ayaz humail - karachi Nov 18, 2015

    Nice tips

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