Sooji Halwa-Traditional Recipe

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1 cup fine Semolina (bareek suji)
Sugar slightly less than 1 cup (suji say thori kam cheeni)
1 cup unSalted Butter(baghair namak k makhan)
1/2 cup Raisins(kishmish)
1/2 cup crushed Coconut(kash kia hua khopra)
1/2 cup slIced Almonds(badam)
12-13 green Cardamoms(hari ellaichi)
2 cups Water

How to make Sooji Halwa-Traditional


Partially melt butter in a wok, and add semolina in it.

Add green cardamoms after adding semolina, if added in butter before semolina they may burn.

When semolina roasts nicely to a golden color and gives aroma keep a cup of water ready to add in it as it may burn quickly.

Add water and then sugar and raisins,almonds and coconut.

Sugar will melt and dissolve,add 1 more cup of water so that semolina will soften.

It is prepared very quickly, cook until butter is separated.

Some people add lemon zest some add 1 tsp of orange/lemon marmalade in it,some like to make it with green cardamoms, butterand semolina only... you can make it the way you like.

Its a very soft, moist and tasty semolina halwa.


Take sugar a little less than semolina, like if taking semolina 250 grams than take sugar 230 grams.

Butter should be equal in amount as semolina.

Chef Bajias Posted By: Bashir ahemad,

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tabssum - islamabad Nov 27, 2013
ingredients need to be in urdu as well. that will very helpful to understand each ingredients easily.

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