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Sialkot Restaurants have vast variety of tasteful foods. There are several fantastic upscale restaurants in Sialkot city that serve the truly traditional cuisines especially Pakistani/Indian foods and much other inter-continental cuisine. So let’s come towards sialkot and enjoy the special traditional and inter-continental foods from the most famous Sialkot restaurants with some exclusive deals and offers KFoods has a wide range of Sialkot restaurants with their special dishes, special offers, hot deals, contact info …etc for all eating out food lovers.

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KFC Sialkot
rimsha ali Aug 27, 2018

I am so tired of other places in sialkot but thankfully KFC has the happy solution for that. KFC's fries and chicken broast always brighten my day.
KFC Sialkot
Hamad ali Mar 19, 2018

KFC Sialkot
Talha Rajpoot Oct 27, 2017

Improve ur taste and use limited oil And Sialkot kfc management to lose improve it ... otherwise sale ur Name and change owner and management 🙂
KFC Sialkot
Saher Jan 06, 2017

U need to improve ur food quality by using less oil
KFC Sialkot
Aamir Khan Sep 04, 2016

I suppose it is better to eat in kfc sialkot premises instead of bringing it home. The value gets compromised if you tell them to pack.
KFC Sialkot
Azaan Ahmed Dec 23, 2015

I visit KFC many times . it's food is tasty and also atmosphere,service very badand value number is not contacting customer.Please require kfcs pnumber
KFC Sialkot
Khizer Sajjad Nov 01, 2015

Your service and value is very bad. So pls it is request to KFC team to low the prices and good your services.
Midway Restaurant
Shabi Bajwa Apr 26, 2015

excelent food yaar
Pizza Hut Sialkot
sajid Jun 16, 2014

food qualit and service
Pizza Hut Sialkot
komal Jan 26, 2014

i like it


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