Crescent Roll Dough Meaning in English

Crescent rolls are crescent shaped flaky rolls made with refined flour and usually with cream or fruit fillings. Crescent-shaped breads have been made since the Middle Ages, and crescent-shaped cakes (imitating the often-worshiped Moon) possibly since classical times. Making crescent rolls by hand requires skill and patience; a batch of crescents can take several days to complete. However, the development of factory-made, frozen, pre-formed but unbaked dough has made them into a fast food which can be freshly baked by unskilled labor. There are different brands like Pillsbury who sell ready to bake crescent roll doughs in different flavors. You would just need to press a few fresh herbs into the dough, roll up the crescents, brush with egg and bake. You may innovate and nuts, coconut or chocolate fillings as per your choice.


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