Charmagaz Meaning in English Meaning in Urdu چار مغز

Charmagaz - is a mix of four different seeds that are almonds, cantaloupe, water melon and pumpkin seeds. Its English name is Dried Melon Seeds.

Charmagaz is believed to develop brain and rejuvenation. It is mostly used to make different types of drinks such as Thandai and Thadal. Char Magaz seeds are quite popular in making of sweet dishes, curries, a type of cold drink in summer. Almonds and pumpkin contain high amount of fatty acids which helps build and maintain the parts of brain.

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Reviews & Comments

Rehana - Islamabad Jan 31, 2019
I make date laddu and put charmagaz in it. It is one of the healthiest dessert and very healthy for the brain. Sugar patients should avoid charmagaz because it can be harmful to them because of cholesterol.
Tazeen Hassan - Lahore Jan 24, 2019
My friend’s mother told me that Char Magaz is quite beneficial for a frail person as well as pregnant women. If somebody wants to eat char Magaz seeds only, it should be chewed properly before swallowing.
Urooj - Karachi Jan 23, 2019
I give char magaz seeds to my 7 year old girl with milk for memory boosting. It is very beneficial as it works for the brain.
Farzana - hyderabad Aug 28, 2018
Char Magaz is the best thing to eat during winters because it keeps your body warm and nice.
farooqu - karachi Feb 21, 2018
wow, char magaz great your health an specially brain I love and I always eat in winter because mama gives in winter hahaha.thanks for telling.