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Amina Mujib Khan began her profession as a TV chef at Masala TV by cooking show named “Around the world in Amina’s Kitchen.” and than she appeard in a daily live show on Zaiqa TV named “Live Kitchen.” Now a days she is hosting a live Healthy Cooking show on Health TV at 3 pm. Her specialty in cooking is mainly on French, Italian, Thai and Fusion and of course Pakistani traditional dishes. Amina went to London to the famous French cooking school cooking Le CORDON BLEU.She has always been tremendously fanatical about foodstuff since her early days and has International experience of teaching cooking in Egypt & the UAE.
She loves photography therefore studied it from Boston.

Amina is a Nutritionist & Weight Loss consultant at Ziauddin Hospital Clifton where she practices twice a week.

Favorite Colour: Navy Blue
Favorite Game: Golf
Culture: Pakistani
Favorite Food: Aloo Gosht
Favourite Fruit: Strawberries
Biggest Achievement: My Family

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