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A food specialist and artistic chef, Amina Agha also known as Poppy Agha has pursued an avant-garde lane to professional cooking. Before turning into a celebrity chef with a food show, A Taste Of Fusion, on Dawn News TV, she dipped into in software development in London and also ran the family import business for electro medical equipment for seven and a half years. At present in its ninth season, the show has given Poppy the podium to turn out ground-breaking dishes that challenge Pakistanis’ conventional idea of cuisine. Now join the stimulating and talented chef, Poppy Agha, for a cooking show which fuses together flavors from around the globe. Local flavors are mixed with varied, eclectic, international cuisines to improve one’s understanding of food and discover the rich possibilities of fusion cooking. All episode of “A Taste of Fusion” presents you a brand new recipe, broadening your cooking choice and whetting your desire for food. Chef Amina Agha is well-known in Pakistan and all over in Asia due to her unique style of cooking and experimental recipes which has taken her among the most popular chefs of Pakistan.

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cheff amina agha kya hum baat kar sakty hy ???bohat c batian krni hy . .

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