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Chicken Fried Rice Recipe in Urdu

   Posted By:~Sani~, Karachi
Chicken Fried Rice
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Chicken Fried Recipe in Urdu - brings healthy and tasty chicken rice (chicken fried chawal) to you. The recipe is very easy and healthy one. You would wonder how easy it was to make a very delicious rice recipe. (All instructions are given in easy Urdu)
Tags: fried murgh rice, Murgi ke fried chawal, chinese fried rice
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Chicken Fried Rice Recipe in Urdu
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Chicken Fried Rice Recipe in Roman Urdu / Hindi
Ingredients :

Chawal 1 kg
Chicken bagair hadi ki botiyan adha kilo
Namak hasb e zaiqa
Lehsan pisa hoa 1 chaye ka chamcha
Hari Piyaz (Bareek Kati Hoi) 3 sy 4 adad
Band Gobhi (Bareek Kati hoi) 1 adad chhoti
Sirka 2 khanay k chamchay
Soya Sauce 4 khanay k chamch
Safaid Mirch (pisi hoi) 1 khanay ka chamach
Chenni 1 khanay ka chamach
Chinese Namak 1 chaye ka chamcha
Anday 3 adad
Cooking Oil 4 sy 6 khanay k chamach
Method :

Chawalon ko ubal kar paani nathar lain aur 4 sy 6 ghanton k liye dhak kar fridge main rakh dain.
Karhai main darmiyani anch par cooking oil ko do sy teen minute tak garm karain. Lehsan daal kar 1 sy 2 minute tak fry karain. Phir chicken daal kar itni dair fry karian k chicken ka apna pani khushk hojaye.
Chawalon main band gobhi, gajar aur hari piyaz daal kar milaain. 1 minute baad namak, cheni, safaid mirch aur chinese namak shamil kar k achi tarha milaain.
Ando ko namak aur chutki bhar safaid mirch k sath halka sa phaint lain aur chawalon per daal dain. Aakhir main sirka aur soya sauce daal kar achi tarha milaain.
 Chicken Fried Rice

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 Reviews & Comments (46)
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Nimra Khalid - Lahore Jun 21, 2015
Rice is always in the list of my top food items, and your fried rice in a Chinese style is very innovative and looks very tasty so i decide to make it on a weekend for the dinner, thanks
Reema Kulsoom - Karachi Jun 20, 2015
Its very simple to make for any type of party at home after reading your easy method, all ingredients are very common in the kitchen so i will make it and recommend to my relatives. Many thanks to KFoods and your team members who are doing well efforts.
Sadaf Alam - Multan Jun 09, 2015
Easy, simple recipe for the sunny season, you have a great time of sharing the cooking method including all the dishes.. ingredients are easily available from the market, i will manage it to make chicken fried rice at home...
Shumaila Faheem - Lahore Jun 07, 2015
Here i have to say about the method of cooking, time management and the tasty touch, its really made my dinner, cooked in a very short time and all of my family members were happy that i made it more delicious, thanks KFoods
Meemona Aslam - Karachi Jun 03, 2015
Fried rice is very common to make at my home but this time i copied very different method of cooking fried rice with chicken, looks very simple and cooking time is also very short as i compared with the other web portals


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