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Chehre Ki Chaiyan
Humna - isb Mar 19, 2017
Drinking beet juice is really very useful for health especially for eye sight and skin. I can say it is really a useful tip. I will buy fresh beetroot while buying grocery this time and make fresh juice. Also chew it with lunch.
Chehre Ki Chaiyan
Younis - London Mar 17, 2017
nice and useful tips , also provide these tips in English so that everyone could easily understand. I can though understand the Urdu language but if I forward this information to my friends, they would keep asking me to translate for them.
Chehre Ki Chaiyan
Rabia - Karachi Mar 14, 2017
Seems very effective and useful. I want to know that are these all tips separate or they are in continuity? I can use beetroot one also get a papaya to apply on my skin. I want to know which one is the best one? what do you say?


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