Tips for Weight loss After Pregnancy !

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Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips | Pregnancy Weight Loss Exercises

Weight loss after pregnancy takes time, but it's possible. Concentrate on eating healthy foods and do some physical activity in your daily routine. Here are some tips that will help you for reducing weight just after your baby birth.
Tips for Reducing Weight After Pregnancy
1. Many women consider that breastfeeding will destroy the shape of their body, so that they try to avoid it. The truth however is the other way around. Breastfeeding turns extra calories fats into milk and it is transferred to the baby through milk, thus helping them lose weight automatically.
2. Don’t diet because it is not healthy especially if your baby is on breastfeeding. Newborns need a lot of nourishment and energy to remain strong and grow. Instead of dieting, one should eat a balanced and healthy diet; rather than stuffing in everything one finds in the kitchen. Managing a healthy diet will help lose weight without any exercise. It is important that a woman get 1800-2500 calories per day along with other nutrients after delivery.
3. Special foods are suggested for women after delivery by the experts like milk and yoghurt Milk and yoghurt have high calcium to keep your bones and yours baby’s bones strong.
4. Fish (Tuna, sardines) should be eaten by the mother of new born baby because it is rich in DHA, Omega 3 fatty acid and proteins, which are required by the women after delivery. These foods also bring back the pre-pregnancy weight.
5. Drink plenty of water because according to the research, consumption of water speeds up the metabolism and prevents you from eating much as it fills up your stomach and gives a full feeling.
6. Avoid taking too much rest in first 2 months after delivery; it puts the weight on.
7. You can also exercise but avoid heavy exercises to avoid the bad effects. Morning walk of 10 – 15 minutes daily can help reduce approximately 1 pound of your weight per week.
8. Keep in touch with your doctor and take regular checkups to be updated from your health status.

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Sehrish Naseem May 10, 2016
I have been taking mummy magic weight loss tea to reduce my belly and extra weight. It worked and I shed 35 pounds extra within two months.
Najma Ali May 31, 2015
Please mam also share the best and easy recipe which is best after pregnancy, thanks i also recommend many of your tips to my friends and family.. Good efforts by the Experts here at KFoods
Mrs Tanveer May 19, 2015
Its really very effective for the new moms... Please also share the proper diet plan for after the pregnancy... Thanks KFoods again you shared very beneficial post here with us


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