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Shaami kabab (also known as Shami kebab) is a very famous variation of kabab in South Asia region. Shami kababs belong to Pakistani, Indian, Afghan and Bangladeshi cuisine. It is made with minced beef added with eggs and some other spices. It is deemed as a perfect snack item for evenings, an add-on with rice and as a dish for guests. We will learn the recipe of shami kabab today. Find how to make pakistani shami kababs (recipe by Chef Rahat) below.

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• Boneless Beef - 500 grams
• Split Chickpeas (Chana ki Daal): 250 grams
• 1 Small Ginger
Garlic: 8 Cloves
• Whole Red Chillies: 8 pcs
• Green Chillies: 6 pcs
• Hot SpIce Powder: a pinch
• Eggs: 2 pcs
Salt: To taste
Hi, we are going to make shami kababs today. These are very tasty and can be served at various occasions.

1. First of all boil the meat, pulses and all other spices together in a pot.

2. Now grind the ingredients very well in a food processor.

3. After grinding the stuff, make patties of the batter with your hands.

4. Add oil in a pan and fry the patties.

5. Kababs are ready. Have them traditional Pakistani way; enjoy with coriander(dhania) chutney or tomato ketchup.

Chef Rahat Posted By: sharmeen, Karachi

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Shami Kabab, also called and written Shami Kebab is a very famous variation of Kababs in the sub continent. Although, origin of Shami Kababs is Afghanistan, it has been adopted as a regular food in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Kababs are cooked with slight difference in different Asian Cuisines in terms of spices, ingredients and cooking style. It is made with a patty of ground meat (beef or mutton), with chickpeas, and eggs which creates stickiness and some spices for taste enhancement. To make Shami Kababs, first meat is minced, then mixed with eggs and ground chickpeas and then kneaded to mix all these ingredients well. Some additional spices like chili and pepper are also added to the mix to make them spicier. Round patties are then formed with hands which are fried to eat or stored for later use.

Shami Kabab is treated as a snack and sometimes as appetizer. It is a part of traditions in Sindh, Punjab and Kashmir region of Pakistan as well as in Uttar Pradesh in India. Shami Kebabs are treated as a favorite home and street snack in South Asia especially in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. For additional taste, it is usually served with lemon juice, chopped onions and mint chutney. It is common recipe to cook at home during Eid ul Fitr Celebrations.

Shaami Kebabs can be eaten in multiple ways. They are usually served with roti and chutney, without roti with tomato ketchup, hot sauce, chili garlic sauce or raita. They are also sometimes eaten with fried, Chinese or yakhni pulao.

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Reviews & Comments (72)

Aug 19, 2016
Generally shami kabab is very easy to make and there should be no problem to anyone to make it but still I consult some recipes as they include one or two additional ingredients that make big difference in the taste. I like this recipe as well.
Aug 10, 2016
A little different with the recipe I use to make shami kebabs. Must be more delicious as adding ginger and hot spice powder must add value. These kebabs are the best snacks for me and I also like chapli kebabs. Keep looking for new recipes to bring twist in the taste.
Aug 05, 2016
shami kebabs are always amazing, I bring special beef mince to make shamis whenever it is finished. we eat other kababs too but this is the best . Actually it uses chana daal which makes it more tasty and differentiates it with other kababs.
May 14, 2016
Very good recipe. Rather excellent. Must try.
Apr 22, 2016
wow i have made it before but did not use garlic. that would taste great. I have been making with just red pepper, keema, eggs and chana daal and salt. let' s see to taste it with garlic and ginger.


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