Kashmiri Recipes

Kashmiri recipes are famous for their unique flavors, spices, tastes and variety of meals. Kashmir, the heaven on earth is famous for its spellbinding beauty, breath taking landscapes and valleys. Similar to it's beautiful lands, it's foods are also exclusively beautiful to taste. Kashmiri cuisine is based on the old North West Kashmiri traditions. Old histories about Kashmiri cuisines mention that meat eating was a tradition of Kashmir area. Another historical book, The Nilamata Purana discusses the culture, geography and traditions of Kashmir. The book also mentions that Kashmiris used to make heavy use of meat in their meals. Meat is still a primary part of most of the Kashmiri foods.

Famous Kashmiri Recipes

Kashmiri recipes are known for their unique tastes, spices and different cooking style. Use of unique spices and ingredients is enough to imagine the taste of Kashmiri dishes. Kashmiri foods reflect the culture of Jammu and Kashmir, their cuisines and culinary of this earth heaven. Foods of Kashmir are also related to the religious backgrounds of Kashmiri people. Here are some famous Kashmiri dishes:

Today's Kashmiri Cuisine includes mutton as a major meal ingredient which has more than 30 recipe varieties.

KFoods lists famous Kashmiri dishes and cooking recipes. Let's delight your tasting senses with fabulously excellent tastes of Kashmir.

Most Popular Recipes

کشمیری سیخ کباب Kashmiri Seekh Kabab

کشمیری سیخ کباب Chef:Chef Sara Riaz

کشمیری پلاؤ Kashmiri Pulao

کشمیری پلاؤ Chef:Naheed Ansari

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Kashmiri Recipes Reviews

Mutton Yakhni with Curd
shanzah - Isb Nov 01, 2015
ufff itne zabardast recipe reh gai. ab to mutton bhi khatam ho gaya bakra eid ka . ab kiya karun
Kashmiri Chai
Bano Salim - Hyd Oct 28, 2015
once I saw a sachet for making this tea but it was useless. I think it can be made just by big caterers as they provide it in functions. I have not seen anyone making it at home. If someone tries, in my opinion the ideal taste can't be achieved.
کشمیری پلاؤ
laiba - joharabad Oct 24, 2015
itna tasty pulao ma na es sa pahlay kabi nahi khaya its so simple and easy to cook

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