Club Sandwich Recipe

Club sandwich recipe has a wonderful delish and tastes for you. Let the eggs, chicken and vegetables combine inside the roasted bread slices. Dip in the ketchup to enhance the taste and every bite will become a superb delight. Have a good time with club sandwich recipe at

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Chicken bOiled-3 to 4 pieces (resha ki hui)
Ginger paste-1tbs
Garlic paste-1tbs
Shimla mirch-1 (bareek kata hua)
Carrot-1 (bareek kata hua)
Salt-to taste
Black pepper-1tbs
Garam masala powder-1tbs
Red Chilli powder-1 tbs
Zeera powder-1tbs
Yogurt 2 tbs
SlIce (Bread)
Fried Egg
Cucumber slIces
Tomato slIces
Salad leaves..
Making Sandwich batter :
Heat oil in a pan, add ginger and garlic paste, stir for few minutes, then add capsicum and carrots (keep stirring) .
Now add salt, all-spice powder, black pepper, red chili powder, zeera powder then add boiled chicken. Cook for 5 mins.
Add yogurt and cook till it becomes dry then switch off stove. Sandwich batter is ready.


1. Cut the corners of slices.
2. Apply mayonnaise then spread chicken batter.
3. Add cucumber pieces then place 2nd slice.
4. Add Fried egg then tomato slices.
5. Now place 3rd slice. It’s ready to serve.

(Serve it with French fries and coleslaw)

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Club sandwich is also known as clubhouse sandwich. Made with toasted bread, it uses different other ingredients like chicken, tomato, eggs etc. however recipe differs in different regions. Bread pieces are often cut into halves and attached together with sharp thin wooden sticks. Main ingredients of club sandwich are bread, chicken, tomato, mayonnaise and lettuce.

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Aug 09, 2016
this language is literally cancer... pata nahi kia likha hai
Jun 06, 2016
French fries is not necessary with a club sandwich as everywhere it is shown as a must part of the sandwiches . In fact , if you are concerned to your health, you should not eat all kinds of fast foods at one time. Sandwiches already contains eggs, chicken and different spices and if you eat fried chips with them, how can you expect yourself to remain fit and healthy?
May 11, 2016
Adding french fries works the best! It adds to the taste and I eat one bite of sandwich and then one bite of french fries and its the real joy of eating a meal. I have to pay many many thanks to my spouse who makes all this for me
Mar 23, 2016
hmmm. club sandwiches have always been there to fulfill my hunger.. Lolz. I mean whenever I get some food mood, I order club sandwitch . nothing else. It is my favorite lunch food. Now when my wife would be packing my tiffin, I can show this recipe to her asking please would you make it for me??
May 27, 2015
club sandwich executive class sandwich hai or ziada tar business meetings or offices mein khaya jata hai. ap bhi try karen, first time mein mushkilhai lekin may be 2nd or 3rd time mein ap bana hi lenge


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