Pakora Recipes

Pakora (Fritter) is a famous recipe for Iftar and Ramadan ul Mubarak. Pakoras are made in 90% homes at the time of iftar. Pakoray is a very tasty, light weight, and light saltish snack eaten with tomato ketchup, raaita or chutney. People of Pakistan and neighboring countries are very keen of eating pakora. Other than Ramadan, pakora is usually eaten in the rainy season. It tastes very well when weather is pleasant, rainy or with cool breezes. Pakistani women are very fond of cooking pakoray of different kinds. Especially, in the month of Ramadan, they keep besan (gram flour) days before arrival of Ramadan. New-to-cooking girls keep pakora recipes with then and make pakoras with the help of recipe. However, experienced women can make it without the help of written instructions in a recipe.

There are many kinds of pakore. Famous pakore recipes are aloo ke pakore, palak ke pakore, chicken pakore, onion pakore, chili pakore and egg pakore. Learn all these pakore recipes here at and enjoy the newer tastes of pakoray. You can also keep these recipes for Ramadan, try a different pakora recipe everyday and double the bliss of iftar time.

Most Popular Recipes

پکوڑا کڑی Pakora Kari

پکوڑا کڑی

کڑی پکوڑہ Kadhi Pakora

کڑی پکوڑہ

More Recipes

پکوڑہ سینڈوچ Pakora Sandwich

پکوڑہ سینڈوچ Chef:Chef Asad

چکن پوٹیٹو بال Chicken Potato Balls

چکن پوٹیٹو بال Chef:Chef Asad

آلو بینگن پالک پکوڑہ Aloo Baingan Palak Pakora

آلو بینگن پالک پکوڑہ Chef:Chef Asad

چیز پکوڑا Cheese Pakora

چیز پکوڑا Chef:Chef Samina Jalil

Paneer Pakora Paneer Pakora

Chef:Rida Aftab

مونگ کی دال پکوڑا Moong Daal Pakora

مونگ کی دال پکوڑا Chef:Chef Gulzar

چکن قیمہ پکوڑے Chicken Qeema Pakora

چکن قیمہ پکوڑے Chef:Chef Gulzar

Chicken Pakora Chicken Pakora

Chef:Mehwish Ahmed

Chicken Bhajia (pakora) Chicken Bhajia (pakora)

Chef:Mehwish Ahmed

French Fries Pakora French Fries Pakora

Chef:Mehwish Ahmed

Chawal Cheese Pakora Chawal Cheese Pakora

Chef:Chef Gulzar

پیزا پکوڑا Pizza Pakora

پیزا پکوڑا Chef:Chef Arif Dawood

پوری پکوڑہ Pori Pakora

پوری پکوڑہ Chef:Chef Asad

Shrimp Pakoray Shrimp Pakoray

Chef:Chef Fauzia

Egg Pakoray Egg Pakoray

Chef:Chef Fauzia

پکوڑا کڑی Pakora Kari

پکوڑا کڑی

انڈوں کے پکوڑے Andon K Pakoray

انڈوں کے پکوڑے

Pakora Recipes Reviews

Chicken Pakora
Abeera Khan - Lahore Sep 30, 2015
Very good time i spend with KFoods, bohat he informatice posts hein aap k pass is page par, me ne aap ki recipe ko bhe copy kia or takreeban 2 hours spend kiya totkay, restaurant deals pata nai kia kia daikah, bohat khoob
Chicken Pakora
A. Rafay - khi Sep 29, 2015
pakore banane ka program banaya tha is saturday ko lekin ab phir khabro me bata rahe hain ke karachi me tabah kun garmi pare gi 4 october tak to ab phir cancel kar raha hun pakoron ka program . Ab 10, 15 din ke baad banane pare ge
Chicken Pakora
Alizah Naveed - Lahore Sep 18, 2015
Chicken style of cooking pakora is very simple to make but not cook like soft as i enjoy it on my Sister's house... i copied your given method and definitely will try it.. special thanks for the best recipes including totkas of many experts

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