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Quick Recipes in urdu make your cooking simple and easy and save your time without compromising taste and flavor. Kfoods carries wide range of healthy quick recipes in urdu from the desk of experts. So let’s cook and have such foods for a healthy long life.

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The Party Pizza recipe is nice in taste and easy in making so whenever i have a mood like eating some quick recipes, I choose always Party Pizza

  • Jamshid, Abbottabad

My cousin and me make pair since our childhood. We studied together and played together and now we perform our hobbies together as well. We cook and eat Palak Ka Soup recipe, share diet foods between each other and enjoy many things together. We watch movies also.

  • Maha, Karachi

This 5 minute Cakeis the one I am highly expert at. Although, I have been cooking quick recipes for long time but this is my special one. Love to cook it always. I use a secret ingredient which makes it really superb.

  • Azza, Lahore

Kfoods mujhe bilkul Samajh nahi aaya Daimi Grass sauce kia ha Kfoods pr Daimi Grass Burger Bun Ki Recipe m Daimi Grass sauce use hui ha

  • mrs aslam, Lahore