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Tikka recipes in Urdu are believed to be searched the most in Pakistan. Tikkas are favorite of people in the whole world. Whether it is South Africa, Pakistan, India, Iran or Afghanistan, tikka is one of the famous foods which is enjoyed frequently with family and friends. People while being in Pakistan may only have eaten a tikka from a restaurant nearby or from some food street shop in Karachi or Lahore, just accepting it as 'tikka'. Never went deep into thinking about the recipe or about the region, isn't it? Tikkas have many places to be from and not just to be of chicken. Other than chicken, it can be prepared with mutton, beef and lamb as well. Within just Pakistan, there are Balochi Tikka, Multani Tikka, Lahori Tikka etc. From grilled tandoori chicken to tawa paneer tikka, variations have no limit.

Let's explore 5 delicious recipes to make chicken tikka from 5 regions of the world.

1. Afghani Tikka Recipe


Afghani meat recipes are famous for its unique and delicious tastes. Afghani gosht recipes especially Afghani namkeen gosht and Afghani tikka are too popular in the region. In many areas of Pakistan, Afghani salty meat and tikka are eaten wholeheartedly. You can also try Afghani Tikka recipe as KFoods.com is telling you about this interesting tikka which is made using beef and with a different cooking style.

It's time to taste a new taste. Don't wait to see Afghani Tikka Recipe in Urdu by KFoods.com

2. Multani Tikka Recipe


Yes, it's about Multan but not about Multani Halwa. It's Multani tikka recipe. Many readers of this article may be sitting in Multan. Others might have visited Multan, however, it's certain that very few people know about Multani tikka recipe. It's also made with beef and with it's special spices which are not used in standard tikkas you have been eating. On Eid ul Adha, you may ask your mom to set some meat aside for making Multani Tikka, I hope she won't refuse if you promise to prepare Multani tikka meal for whole family.

Here is the recipe: Multani Tikka Recipe by KFoods.com

3. African Tikka Recipe


Wanna know how a chicken tikka is prepared in South Africa? Here KFoods brings African tikka recipe in Urdu for Pakistani as well as Urdu readers from the world. African tikka is made with chicken with it's specialized spices that make it unique. If having chicken in plenty at home, consider making this South African chicken tikka which will definitely give a superb homemade meal.

Recipe for African Tikka

4. Balochi Tikka Boti Recipe


Balochi tikka boti is a famous Balochi style of making tikka. Balochi tikka is made using mutton and so it has a very special taste. Those who are tired of eating chicken tikka, must try this one to taste something different and something special. Plus Balochi masala and spices used with meat are also famous for their uniqueness. Don't forget to make use of mutton for Balochi Tikka on Bakra Eid.

Here is how to make Balochi tikka boti recipe

5. Bihari Tikka Recipe


Bihari foods are the most popular foods in the subcontinent. In Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, bihari masala, bihari chicken, bihari boti and bihari tikka, every item is liked the most as compared to others. Though bihari tikka is made with chicken generally however we are here presenting Bihari tikka recipe with beef.

Here is the recipe: Bihari Tikka Recipe by KFoods.com

Meat tikka recipes are famous equally in many parts of the world and that is why we find chicken, mutton, beef and other tikkas being prepared in different parts of the world. Basically, tikka is an Asian dish however it is nowadays prepared and followed in almost all parts of the world. Tikka recipes from Afghanistan, Iran, India, South Africa and Pakistan have gained significant popularity and therefore their recipes are famous throughout the world. KFoods.com presents 5 spicy tikka recipes from 5 different regions of the world. Make use of mutton, beef and chicken and get ready to taste the yet untasted flavors of tikkas.

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