King of Asia 2014 from Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm

By Tanveer Baig, Lahore In Eid ul Adha (Bakra Eid) 5 Comments 8758 Views

King of Asia 2014 by Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm | Dilpasand Cattle Farm is a well known name in cattle farms karachi, they brings huge, healthy and beautiful cows for Eid ul Adha every year. Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm gives healthy foods to cows and give special attention on every cow that is for preparation of Bakra Eid. KFoods brings latest photos of Amir Dil pasand Cattle Farm gaye.

King of Asia 2014 from Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm

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Kashif Rana - Lahore Oct 02, 2014
Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm is one of the best and well manage cattle farm in karachi maweshi mandi. I came from Lahore to visit Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm tent that is located in highway gai mandi, I shocked to see all qurbani ke janwar that are really very healthy and beautiful
Mumtaz Alam - Faislabad Sep 23, 2014
King of Asia cow 2014 is looking very beautiful and healthy, I will visit Dilpasand Cattle Farm in next coming days
Gulu Butt - Islamabad Sep 19, 2014
Amir Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2014 is my favorite farm specially for this year 2014, they offer really a big and healthy cow for qurbani. I really impressed that how they take care of qurabi ke janwar for bakra eid 2014.
Shamsad Akhtar - Karachi Sep 17, 2014
Wow ! King of Asia 2014 is very healthy and looking very beautiful
Muntaha Memon - Lahore Sep 11, 2014
all things are nice I appreciate

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