Afridi Cattle Farm 2014 Karachi

By Tanveer Khan, Karachi In Eid ul Adha (Bakra Eid) 2 Comments 12366 Views

Afridi Cattle Farm 2014 at Karachi Sohrab Goth gai mandi

Afridi Cattle Farm 2014 Karachi

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Arbish Mughal - Karachi Oct 16, 2014
Bakra eid ki photos bht achi hein KFoods par.. please bring more bakra eid images 2014 for us
Karishma Waheed - Karachi Oct 02, 2014
I am here for looking Afridi's cow 2014 in Karachi and very happy because afridi's cow is very healthy and looking beautiful at Sohrab goth gaye mandi 2014

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