Mutton breast Meaning in English

Mutton breast is part of the forequarter and contains ribs.It is a thin strip about 2 feet long and 6 inches wide and includes a big wedge of fat at the top and the lower part of the ribs back to the belly. It is oblong-shaped with layers of fat and lean, with fat usually covering one of the sides. Lamb breast is usually prepared by braising or roasting.Breast of mutton can be bought from stores with or without bones. It is always better to buy whole breast, (the bigger the better) and then chop it at home. Get a whole one. Next, with your sharp knife slit around and under each rib (without piercing through to the outside), and bone out all the ribs (which are joined at the breast bone) in one piece, leaving all the meat behind still in one piece. Make sure you get soft ribs as well- you can feel them by flexing the meat.


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