How to get a Pink Lip

Posted By : samreen (Zubaida Tariq) on Apr 27, 2012 41791 Views 26 Comments

How to get a Pink Lip | Miracle Remedy to Lighten Dark Lips | How to Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally

For making your lip pink just apply grate raw coconut and squeeze milk over your lips to make them pink.

اپنے ہونٹوں کو گلابی بنانے کے لیے پسا ہوا کچا ناریل اور دودھ ملا کر ہونٹوں پر لگائیں-

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Nadia Sep 01, 2016
Tip is very short so please share it properly, anyway these two ingredients best for the lips, they holds the perfection and give a unique look to lips, thanks but need more tips for lips...
Kiran Aug 17, 2016
Very effective tips here i found by the best experts, plz share how to reduce or remove the spots on lips, thanks in advance for the totkas and nuskhas
BF Jun 20, 2014
mere dant aage hain mein braces nae lgwana chahti koe sol ke ye braces ke bina e theak ho jaen..??? I'm waiting.. plz plz..!!


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