gol gappay by chef zakir

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Paya By Chef Fauzia
Laila - Lahore Mar 08, 2017
I like paya by chef fauzia and other beef & mutton recipes because they are so tasty that if you eat it once, you would not forget its taste. You would keep asking for more.
Shami Kabab By chef Fauzia
Afham - Hyderabad Mar 07, 2017
So you are providing shami kabab by chef fauzia on your website, I already know how to cook it. I have been making appetizer and snack recipes for long time and it is very tasty. My family also likes my recipes.
Paya By Chef Fauzia
Raziya Abbas - Lahore Aug 18, 2016
I have not seen chef fauzia in any television program but in my opinion, she is a wonderful chef . I have consulted several dishes from her given recipes. I found them perfect and authentic , even more carefully described as compared to other chefs.


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