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Paya By Chef Fauzia
Raziya Abbas - Lahore Aug 18, 2016
I have not seen chef fauzia in any television program but in my opinion, she is a wonderful chef . I have consulted several dishes from her given recipes. I found them perfect and authentic , even more carefully described as compared to other chefs.
Chocolate Milkshake By Chef Fauzia
Iqra Shehzadi - Karachi Aug 21, 2015
I like drinks only made with chocolate. I like milo and other chocolate drinks that can be easily prepared . I make brownies and chocolate milk shakes and many many more. I will make this milkshake too.
Chocolate Milkshake By Chef Fauzia
Kinza - Karachi Jul 28, 2015
chocolate is my favorite food but i don't know how to make different chocolate drinks. I have just eaten chocolate bars snickers and kitkat etc. I want to make chocolate drinks and this is the first recipe for a chocolate drink i have ever seen. I think it would be very easy for me to make.


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