Club Sandwiches Recipe

Club sandwich is prepared with egg and chicken and bread toasts. It's recipe by Chef Gulzar is being reproduced here by Enjoy a delicious Pakistani sandwich, it would satisfy your hunger differently.

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• 6-8 slIces Bread
• 200 gm Chicken, cut in small stripes
• 1/2 cup Mayonnaise
• 2 eggs
• Cheese slIces as required
• 1 cup ketchup
Salt to taste
• 1/2 tsp crushed red chili
• 1/2 tsp crushed black pepper
• 2 tbsp Oil
• 1/2 tsp Garlic paste
 First we will make the chicken, heat oil in a pan and stir fry the garlic paste in it. Now add chicken, salt, red chili and black chili. Cook till its done and dry.
 Beat the eggs with salt and make 3 omelets in a non –stick pan. Cut them from center into 2 pieces.
 Now heat the bread slices in pan from both sides till they are light golden in color. Remove the edges.
 Apply ketchup on one slice, place omelet on it, then chicken slices, cheese slice and mayonnaise over cheese. Cover it with other slice with ketchup or mayonnaise on it.
 Cut it in triangles.
Tip: You can also place salad leave and tomatoes in it, but only if you want to eat it on spot. If you are giving it to kids for lunch then don’t place tomatoes or salad leaves because their taste will change after some time.

Chef Gulzar Posted By: ambreen, Lahore

Club sandwich is also known as clubhouse sandwich. There are various different recipes of club sandwiches as it is prepared in every cuisine of the world. After preparation, sandwich is cut into quarters and halves. To keep slices, eggs and other ingredients together, thin wooden toothpick-like sticks are used.

Traditional recipe for club sandwiches include eggs, chicken, bread along common condiments however as a variation, different vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes are also put into the sandwich.

These days, clubhouse sandwiches are made with two to three layers of bread. Variety of club chicken sandwich is offered in almost all restaurants in Pakistan.

If you are interested in making it at home, has presented a perfect recipe for club sandwich from the desk of Chef Gulzar Hussain. Try and enjoy!

In Pakistani cuisine, club sandwich is made using chicken, although it is made with other meat fillings in different parts of the world. The original recipe of club sandwiches includes chicken but later, introduced different recipes that featured different kinds of fillings including turkey, beef and also vegetables.

In history, the first clubhouse sandwich was served in USA in 1899. Original recipe for the sandwich uses white bread slices (crusts removed), lettuce leaf, tomatoes and thin piece of chicken. Mayonnaise is also added over the filling for richer taste. Some variations made use of eggs or beef for protein gain.

Look at some classic club sandwich recipes:

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Reviews & Comments (22)

Jun 02, 2016
It is a scrumptious thing to eat at meal time. Sometimes, I eat it in breakfast as we commonly eat bread and fried egg and this also contains almost same ingredients. So why not to eat this one? My wife knows to make a perfect club sandwich and so I enjoy it frequently in the morning breakfast.
May 26, 2016
mujhe chef gulzar ki club sandwich banane ki recipe video format me chahiye mp4 me . Kiya ap provide kar sakte hain? Agar yes to pls mujhe link de dijaye takeh mai watch kar lun. thanks.
May 18, 2016
I like it because of its soft covering which is possible by using white bread otherwise sandwiches and burgers use hard buns which mostly make it hard to chew and also lessen the taste. I am going to make it soon for all 6 members of my family. And I wish they must like it.
May 17, 2016
mai cooking ka shoq rakhti hon or club sandwich meri specialty dish hai . mai ne kai tarhan ke sandwich banaye hain 2 layer, 3 layer, with egg and without egg and with different kinds of ingredients. mujhe sandwiches banana acha lagta hai . mai ab ap ki website ki recipe try karungi
May 12, 2016
yes it is very tasty. I know I ate it around an year ago but remember the taste. It is unforgettable . I would try to make it myself . I will enjoy making this delicious sandwich. haha. I want to experiment its recipe.


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