A One Snacks Karachi

A One Snacks Karachi

Phone Number: 021-35386390, 35394353

Address: 42-D Commercial Area, Market A, DHA Phase II, Karachi, Pakistan

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A One Snacks Karachi provide the great taste of sandwiches, Barbeue, burgers, Cinese, Fast food, Snacks and many other Indian & Pakistani cuisine in reasonable rates. A One Snacks i s located 42-D Commercial Area, Market A, DHA Phase II Karachi. They also make sure to their customers that their meal is perfect for your health. So let’s come towards A One Snacks Restaurant Karachi and eat delicious foods from their menu with some exclusive deals and discount.

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Smoking Allowed

Special Dishes : sandwiches, Barbeue, burgers, Cinese, Fast food, Snacks and many other Indian & Pakistani cuisine

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A One Snacks Karachi DHA
42-D Commercial Area, Market A, DHA Phase II
Karachi , Pakistan   
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Phone: 021-35386390, 35394353

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julia Dec 30, 2017

the order is coming late but other wise the food is delicious ...they should add lasagna in their food items..good resturant
Taimoor Jun 17, 2017

Very good taste👍👍👍
wasim Jul 28, 2014

Please upload your menu in your site.
Asad Kibs Mar 11, 2014

what a waste of money after waiting for 45 minutes finally got the A8 Deal and it was like shit even a vendor would sell a better burger in that price, cheap ketchup , rotten buns , dripping mayonnaise no sign of salad or stuffing, the fries were like they were chopped to the optimum.
Aamina Oct 31, 2013

A few months back I ordered chicken roll from A-one and I was shocked, It smelled and tasted like crap or more specifically like sh**! Since then I have not eaten from such places like A-one, Eaton, Hot and Spicy and etc. The food was contaminated, raw and smelly. It affected my health negatively for a few days. I tried to eat that roll a bit since I was in office and they certainly took advantage of my hunger but then I threw it in the bin. Now I will go next week and literally throw trash on their counter since they trashed my health! I request people to go for better options. In case, you also think I am right I suggest we protest against such businesses that can harm or even kill us. Do you know if you eat rotten or smelly meat you can fall sick or even die? A-one has been in business for so long yet it does not take care of quality. I ate the roll from phase 2 extension A-one. Their kitchen is like gutter and men don't wash their hands or clean their sweat before making food for you. They even scratch their body parts while making your dish, they prick their nose and scratch their hair. I request people of Karachi to get some CLASS and avoid such pathetic places. They don't cook out of passion, they just want to make money and invest nothing. Please respect yourself by not going there. Just for once go and look at their kitchen in other areas than just Defence phase 1. Trust me you will vomit and your self respect will crush to pieces when you will know that all this time you actually ate SHIT! If you don't believe me then make an effort for your sake and for the sake of your loved ones and see how they make your food and with what! I hope Karachiites get their senses back!

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