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Welcome to KFoods biryani recipe section. Find the big list of biryani recipes including famous Sindhi biryani, chicken biryani and many other types of biryani. KFoods continuously adds newest methods for you to make biryani dishes at home.

Biryani is the most famous dish in Pakistan and India. Its name itself is so mouthwatering that we instantly wish to eat it then and there. This suberb dish is combination of basmati rice, meat and different kinds of spices. Nowadays, chefs and cooking experts have introduced hundreds of biryani types which are unique and even tastier than others. Love the guy who invented it!

We have such unique dishes of biryani which you have never heard about. Learn to make mushroom dum biryani, lucknowi murgh biryani, nawabi biryani by Rida Aftab and a lot more. Explore all of them and select your favorite one for today's cooking.

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Chicken Biryani Step By Step Recipe - Banana Asan Khany Main Zaiqedaar

Chicken Biryani is a most popular recipe from Pakistani cuisine. Everyone wants something special every day or at least on weekend. Try chicken biryani recipe this weekend. It is a rich appetizing recipe made with chicken, rice and many traditional spices. Lets le ...

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Biryani Recipe Reviews

Prawn Biryani
K. K Afshan - Jhelum Nov 24, 2015
I have transport problem that's why I can't go and buy prawn. Once I got any way for that I will definitely buy and cook a delicious biryani.
Chicken Biryani
did somebody tried this recipe ?
Bombay Chicken Biryani
Farida - Karachi Sep 27, 2015
Bombay biryani is so sooo delicious !! I like the fact that it is a bit spicy .... but sindhi biryani is the best of all !

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