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Rabri Recipe - a sweet dish popular in Pakistan and India. It is made with milk, khoya, sugar and cardamom. See how to make rabadi here and sweeten your dining tables and parties.

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Milk 1-1/2 litre
Khoya 1/2 cup
Sugar 1/2 cup
Cardamom 2
• Pistachio 4-5
• Safron (dissolved in Water) a few drops
• Kewra few drops
1) Bring milk to boil in a large pan.
2) Add khoya, cardamom and sugar.
3) Now cook on lower flame continuously for 2 hours.
4) When layer comes on surface keep layer aside in pan.
5) Simmer until milk reduced.
6) Sprinkle pistachio, kewra and saffron and serve chilled.

Maida Rahat Posted By: Mariam,

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Rabri consists of thick sweet cream eaten with spoon. It is prepared in different styles as there are different recipes available to make it. Milk is first boiled in pan for hours, then khoya, sugar and cardamoms are added and then it is further simmered.

It is common to serve rabdi after in parties and gatherings.

Rabri is a sweet South Aisan dish made using milk, sugar and khoya and further flavored with pistachios, cardamoms, saffron and kewra. Some cuisines use yogurt instead of milk, flour and bajra ki roti instead of khoya. Rabari is a famous recipe followed mostly in Pakistani and Indian Cuisines. Rabdi is made in Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as Northern and Western India. Rabri has also further types in which most popular is Lachhe Dar Rabdi. In Pakistan, it is mainly cooked and served at weddings and special occasions.

Rabree has also some common variants such as Sweet Rabree which is sweet dish based on condensed milk. Condensed milk is boiled on low flame for long time unless it gets pinkish in color. Then sugar, pistachios and other spices are added to flavor it. Then it is chilled for hours and then served as a dessert. Rabadi is also used to form other sweet desserts such as chhena kheeri, kheer sagar and rasaballi.

Other than sweet rabadi, Calcutta Rabdi is also very famous in India. This one is prepared by heating sweet milk in karahi. During the heating process, rich thick cream begins to form on the surface. Process continues until whole milk is evaporated and turned into cream.

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Oct 05, 2016
@Saad - It will be kept in the same pan. You can consult rabri recipe in Urdu at: http://kfoods.com/urdu_recipes/rabri_rid9308
Oct 04, 2016
Aside in pan ?? In same pan or another pan.sorry my english is not so good but i think you get my question.plz reply
Aug 02, 2016
whenever i have to make a rabri , i make it in large quantity and by this way, i keep half rabri to eat and use remaining half rabri to make rasabali dessert which is also a very delicious sweet and very few people know about it. but rabri is a time taking thing to make so always make in bulk.
Aug 01, 2016
rabri is nice dish for weddings and large gatherings. If you make kheer or lab e shireen, they are remained many times , not fully eaten and chances are that it would get spoiled. Before we get it cooked from our nearby catering service shop, but this time I am thinking to make it myself. But I have no idea of making sweets for large gatherings.
Jul 28, 2016
I have heard the name of chef Maida Rahat after many days and I am happy to see my favorite recipe from my favorite chef. I had watched her program years ago , I still watch television and I think she has left cooking these days . Her mother was also good chef.


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