Besan Ka Halwa Recipe

Besan ka halwa (Gram Flour Halwa) is a superb sweet recipe to cook at home. Easy to cook, require simple ingredients like gram flour (besan), sugar and milk, you can prepare this dessert within minutes. Enjoy the sweet with your friends and family.

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besan (gram flour) _ 1cup
Oil _ 1cup
Sugar _ 1cup
egg _ 3 egg
Milk _ 1 and half cup
nuts. _ half cup
egg,milk,sugur ko achi tra blend kr lin,yhn tak k jhag ban jae.

krahi min oil garm min cardamam dal din.
bad min is min basan dal k halki anch pe fry krin.chamch chlati rhin.jb khushboo ane lag jae tu blend kia hoa material is min dalte jain or sath sath chamch halati jain.
jab basan oil chor de tu us min nuts dal k cholha band kar din.

halwa ready ha jnb

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Besan halwa is one of the easiest recipes to make. It requires only a few main ingredients which are besan, sugar, egg and milk whereas cardamom and nuts are added for taste. All these ingredients are always there in kitchen so making this halwa has never been a big deal.

Besan can be used to make various kinds of sweet desserts and snacks. If you have got a mood to utilize gram flour, you can make dozens of things. Besan ki barfi, besan ka ladoo, besan ke dahi baray and besan dhokla are good options.

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Reviews & Comments (90)

Aug 19, 2016
Gram flour and gram lentil halwa is my top choice homemade halwas and i frequently make them for my children for evening time. It is energetic and rich for health and far better than just giving them tea with biscuits.
Aug 08, 2016
We prepare besan halwa occasionally whenever we have a mood of eating some light sweet dish . Preparing it is also a very quick process , no long time that is why i like to make it. Just make sure you have all the ingredients at home . and must put the cardamoms otherwise it would not taste up to your satisfaction.
Aug 04, 2016
nice sweet and aromatic halwa. What a lovely halwa it was i made yesterday with the help of your recipe. There were lots of guests yesterday for gathering at our home and everyone liked and appreciated the taste. thank u kfood.
Aug 01, 2016
gram flour is nice thing, can be used to make many kinds of things including halwa, paratha, kachori whatever you like it in. We already make lots of sweet dishes with gram flour , and they all are made perfectly with awesome taste.
Jul 28, 2016
Some days are halwa days when my mom and sisters are busy whole day in making variety of halwas. When I enter home, there is lovely aromatic smoke filled in home rising from the kitchen and then I know that they are preparing besan, chana dal, aata halwa etc.


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