Bengali Payesh – Rice Kheer Recipe

Bengali Payesh is famous Bengali kheer recipe eaten excitedly in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Payesh delivers a unique taste and that is why it is exceptionally popular among Bengali dessert recipes. See how to make rice payesh at home with an easy recipe by

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75 gm Gobindo Bhog or KaloJjeera rIce
Few Cardamom
25 gm Raisin
25 gm Cashew
370 ml Condensed Milk
1 cup Sugar
1 lit 3.5 % Milk
1) Boil 1 lit milk in a pan.
2) Remove the seeds from the cardamom and grind it . Personally, I don’t prefer whole cardamom in Payesh as I have to spit out the cardamom while eating. So what you can put the cardamom outer shell inside this spice infuser and soak in the boiling milk for 5 mins.
3) Add the rice and cook for 20 mins in a medium heat until the rice is soft. Stir occasionally so that the rice does not stick to the bottom.
4) Add the condensed milk and stir well.
5) Add sugar, cashew nut and raisin and cook it for 5 more mins.
6) Lastly add the cardamom powder and mix well. Cover the lid and let it cool. Put it in the refrigerator when it is at room temperature.

Serving: 3-4
Cooking Time: 45 min

Posted By: Aleem, karachi

Bengali Payesh is a sweet kheer dessert from Bangladeshi cuisine. It is made with rice in a different style. It is sometimes also termed as payesh kheer, rice Payesh, Bengali payesh. Some assortments of payesh kheer are chanar payesh, chaler payesh, gurer payesh, chenna payesh and Bengali style payesh kheer.

Generally, there are lots of sweets that we find in South Asian cooking culture such as Rabri, Rasmalai, phirni and sheer khurma but payesh becomes unique with it's appealing taste and aroma. Main ingredients used in this sweet are kalojjeera rice, raisins, cashew nuts, condensed milk, sugar and plain milk.

Take some time to prepare it and enjoy this special sweet after dinner.

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Reviews & Comments (12)

Aug 04, 2016
payesh is first time seen by me and am thinking to prepare it very soon. it uses very good healthy ingredients and if my kids and husband liked it , then i will repeat it again. am making it today just after checking the availability of ingredients.
Aug 02, 2016
What does it mean by payesh? Is it like regular kheer recipe or different? interested in making this sweet dish but wanna be sure first about its taste and popularity. otherwise i will make regular kheer which is more easy and taste is also fine.
Jul 28, 2016
Payesh is a new pleasure for me. I will enjoy it for sure. I heard its name couple of months for the first time in my life and today I saw its recipe too . I am deciding to make it on the upcoming birthday of my younger brother.
Jul 26, 2016
Payesh seems interesting to me . As I am already a admirer of desserts, I take it well, am looking into the recipe and will make it. The word Bengali here adds more attraction as Bengali sweets are already love for the world.
Jul 22, 2016
Bengali cuisines are very popular especially their sweets are very famous in the world. I used to read about Bengali mithai in my childhood, so there is a very nice impression of its sweets and when I have to make something sweet, I search for bengali sweet dishes. Now I would see how is this payesh kheer.


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