Moong ki Daal Recipe in Urdu

Posted By: Rida, Karachi

Moong ki Daal is very common and delicious dish of every food lover, it is full of health benefits and there are so many ways to make it. KFoods here at gives you an unique taste of moong daal recipe

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Moong ki Daal

دھلے مونگ کي دال

ڈيڑھ پائو دال
تين چھٹانک گھي
حسب ذائقہ نمک
حسب ذائقہ لال مرچيں
حسب ذائقہ ہلدي
ايک گانٹھ ادرک
دو تولہ گرم مصالحہ
تھوري سي پياز
دال پکانے سے کچھ دير پہلے پاني ميں بھگو دين۔ پھر نمک، مرچ پياز اور ہلدي گھي ميں بھون کر دال میں گلنے کے پاني سميت پکا لین

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Tags : kharey masale ki moong ki daal Tadke Wali Moong Ki Daal

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Reviews & Comments (4)

Faryaal - Rawalpindi Sep 16, 2015
aray ye to boht easy hai. banane mei kitna time chahiye bus ye bata den. baki mai bana loongi mujhay bus isi tarhan ke khane banane ka shoq hai jo jaldi se tayaar ho jaen ziada time na lage
Kiran Hassan - Karachi Oct 13, 2014
Very simple and easy to cook Moong dal recipe is here and i found every where.. Thanks
zahra - lahore Sep 12, 2014
moong dal recepie
Shafaq Nazeer - Karachi Sep 09, 2014
I am in love with this recipe, very simple and tasty


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