Harissa Chicken Recipe in Urdu

Harissa chicken is a specialized chicken dish with a unique style and taste. See how to make harissa chicken recipe explained by Chef Tahir Chaudhry. Recipe is provided in Urdu. Cook and enjoy.

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ہریسہ چکن

چکن ١ عدد
ہریسہ سوس ½ کپ
دہی ¼ کپ
نمک ¼ چاےء کا چمچہ
تیل ٢ کھا نے کے چمچے
پیاز ٢-٣ عدد

ہریسہ چکن

چکن کے نکڑوں کو ھر یسہ سوس دہی نمک تیل لگا کر میر نمٹ کے لیے رکھ دیں -
پھر پیاز کے موٹے موٹے ؤیجنر بھی ساتھ ہی چکن میں ڈال دیں اور اوون میں بیک یا گرل کرنے کے لیے رکھ دیں مزے دار ہریسہ چکن تیار ہے

Tahir Chaudhry, Posted By : talha, karachi

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The term 'Harissa' refers to a specialized sauce made with hot chili peppers. Spices used in Harissa are Baklouti, serrano, hot chilli and roasted red peppers. Moreover, it also uses various kinds of spices such as coriander seeds, caraway, garlic paste and olive oil. Harissa belongs to Arabic countries mainly from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya.

So here we explain how to make harissa spiced chicken in Urdu, thanks to Chef Tahir for sharing the recipe. Ingredients of the recipe are common excepta the sauce which you can find hopefully large stores such as Imtiaz and Naheed store in Karachi, Akbari Super Store, Bilal Super Store and Best Buy Super Store in Lahore, Best Price and M & S Super Store in Islamabad.

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Reviews & Comments (19)

Salma Nadeem - Mirpurkhas Aug 19, 2016
I have a bottle of harissa sauce , can you tell me more dishes to make with it. First I am going to make this chicken but still there will be large quantity of sauce remaining in the bottle so I am looking for more of its recipes. Tell me where they are at your website.
Sajjid - karachi Aug 17, 2016
Its very good and simple recipe but its slow cooking recipe. The most powerful thing in this recipe its low calories, if i add vegetables with this it is superb for diet and also it is better to serve in lunch time.
Amir Anwer - Hyderabad Aug 11, 2016
harissa is also a special dish of Lahore, I do not remember its name but I had seen a special dish of harissa in Lahore on somewhere on internet. I will keep in mind if I went to Lahore ever. And also try this recipe with spouse.
Jameela - Islamabad Aug 03, 2016
Having a look to this recipe very frequently these days. Now i am getting interest in making this harissa chicken. planning my visit to store , making list of things to buy including harissa sauce and other necessary ration things.
Abida nasir - vehari Aug 01, 2016
Hi, ye hareesa sauce kahan se mile ga or is ka taste kesa hota hai ? haleem hareesa ki tarhaka hota hai kiya? mujhe kafi spicy lag raha hai jesa ke mujhe pasand bhi hain spicy dishes to mai to baki sab dishes choar ke abhi yehi banane wali hon. bus mujhe sauce ka bata den .


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