Ubtan Make your Skin Glow & Attractive!

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Turmeric Face Mask | Ubtan Make you Skin Glow & Attractive | Homemade Mehndi Ubtan for Brides

There are many women who use ubtan for massage on their face, hands and foots. Ubtan is very good for skin as it only contained herbal ingredients. It is very effective as a skin whitening agent and make your skin glow and attractive.

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Rehana Aug 26, 2016
Ubtan is not only for the bride, its one of the best skin cleaner for all types of skin in a normal days as well, i will definitely try this method.. thanks again for the best tips
Zuriya Faraz Oct 08, 2015
Wow ! great to know this before my friends marriage, i recommend it and lets see what happens to her.. thanks KFoods for sharing the best tips as we want
Jaweria Naeem May 31, 2015
How i make ubtan at home?? please share the proper method with all natural ingredients.. Thanks


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