Homemade Oil for Reducing Tummy!

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Pait Kam Karne Wala Tail | Natural Oils to Reduce Belly Fats

Most of the women are stressed due to a tummy bulge these days. So here we are with a simple tip that will not only help you for controlling tummy bulge, but also help you for reducing it till getting fine belly.
Take 250 gm grape juice and mix it with 750 gm virgin olive oil. Now pour this mixture in a bottle and leave it under the sun for a week. Do remember to shake the bottle twice a day during that sunbath week. After a week, strain it in a muslin cloth and preserve the oil in a clean glass bottle. Now massage your belly with this oil daily and watch your belly come back in shape.

ایک پاؤ انگور کے رَس (grapes juice) کو تین پاؤ روغن زیتون (olive oil) میں مِلا کر ایک ہفتہ کیلئے دھوپ میں رکھیں اور دن میں دو بار ضرور ہلائیں۔ ایک ہفتہ بعد باریک ململ کے کپڑے سے چھان کر کسی شیشے کی بوتل (bottle) میں محفوظ کرلیں اور اس تیل سے روز پیٹ (tummy) کی مالش کریں۔ اِس سے پیٹ (tummy) چند روز میں اپنی جگہ پر واپس آ جاتا ہے۔

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Samina Aug 17, 2016
Is this oil for loosing weight or just the natural oil to reduce belly fats?? i need some think special to loose my weight with in 2, 3 months.. plz guide me about the best diet plan
Haseebjut Aug 06, 2016
Mn NY ye oil bnya hy or mein NY jtna oil tha otna graps juice dala hy Kia ye oil sai hy koi noksan to ni
Kiran Mumtaz Nov 03, 2015
Me ne suna to bohat tha k aisa tail bhe banaya jata hai jis se jaldi se pait kam hojata hai, ab mujhe mil bhe gayayahan par.. meri friend ne mujhe ye page recommend kia, so i will try once atleast, thanks


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