Fairness of Hands and Feet !

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Hath or Paon Ki Gori Rangat Ke liye | Hathon Aur Paon Ki Khubsurti | Hath or Paon ki Nikhar ke Liye

Ladies always have the keen to take care of their feet and hands. They sue different kind of cream to look their feet and hands fair. Here is an easy tip that is specially brought to you from the desk of expert Zubaida Tariq to make your hand and feet fair - Hath or Paon Ko Gora Krny Ke Tips so let’s try it now and give your views.
Fairness of Hands and Feet
1. Take lemon skins spread sugar on it and rub it on your feet and hands on daily basis it is good for fairness of hands and feet.
2. Wipe the cucumber or Aloe Vera on the skin for better feel and fresher skin.

ہاتھ اور پیروں کی خوبصورتی کے لئے آزمودہ گھریلو طریقہ جس سے آپ اپنے ہاتھوں اور پیروں کی رنگت کو واپس لا سکتے ہیں ۔
۱ ۔ لیموں کے چھلکے پر چینی لگا کر ہاتھ اور پاﺅں پر رگڑیں ۔ اس عمل کو روزانہ کرنے سے جلدی فرق محسوس ہونے لگے گا ۔
۲۔ کھیرے کے چھلکوں کو رگڑیں اور ایلوویرا کا استعمال بھی فائدہ مند ہے ۔۔

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Laraib malik May 09, 2016
Asalam_0_alaikum Dr Maria complexion dark ho jta hai summer main kindly koi treatment btyan totky sy koi khas farq nae hai and my skin is oilly and pimples ki wja sy face pr kch spots rah gyn hain .... Kindly koi cream btyan jis sy face,hand and feet ka complexion fair ho jya and bleaching agents naa hoo because maire hairy skin hai ........ Plz mjy is hawaly sy kch btyan Maire email I'd pr email kr dain
Amsa Apr 22, 2016
Asalam-o-alikum mje hath paon moty karna to totka btein plz
Anjum Feb 28, 2016
Sallam, meri beti jiss ki ummar 8saal hai oss ke chere per buhat Baal hain .kol acha SA gherloo totka batta den


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