pakistani karaahi

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Special Chicken Karahi
Fouzia - Sahiwal Mar 21, 2017
I made it for the family function organized at my home. All and sundry ate it a lot and they were making me happy and the credit goes to you only. Thank you 
Special Chicken Karahi
Rubi - Haiderabad Mar 19, 2017
This seems to be a very delicious karahi. I am going to my kitchen to try it and I hope it will give a very nice taste. If it tasted well and I got appreciation, I will use the same recipe every time while making karahi. I hope it will be amazing.
Special Chicken Karahi
Huraira - Sialkot Mar 17, 2017
I made it for the dinner party arranged at my home for my sister in law and her husband. They both liked the karahi the most may be due to its so unique and yummy taste.


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