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Baked Mutton
Baked Mutton

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Bihari Mutton Keema
Minahil - Dadu Feb 16, 2017
tell about the full list of ingredients for Bihari Mutton Keema. I remember i made it before and there were some additional ingredients. give me idea what more to add to beef & mutton recipes.
Andra Mutton Karahi
Alishbah - Peshawar Feb 16, 2017
No one can make a Andra Mutton Karahi like me. there is a big collection of beef & mutton recipes in my diary, me and my friend keep cooking them frequently.
Fried Lamb Curry (Bhuna Mutton Curry)
Khurram Shahzad - Rawalpindi Oct 25, 2016
Hey, please suggest me what is the term 'lamb' means in urdu? because as far I know, it means young sheep but we have never heard about sheep meat, we only hear lamb meat, so what's the logic behind this?


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