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Lahore Restaurants have their own identification due a vast range of cultured and inter-continental foods. There are several Lahore top restaurants that have different varieties of foods. Lahore’s Restaurants is very much well-liked across the Pakistan due to its delicious taste of traditional & inter-continental foods with some exclusive Deals & offers. Lahore Best Restaurants also offers buffet in a reasonable Price. has vast range of Lahore restaurant with their special dishes, special offers, hot deals, contact info …etc for Lahore Food Lovers.

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Sheikh Ahmed Oct 29, 2015

Pay attention to ur food and services its like that we are eating some ( NON HALAL ) thing.But the value is not too bad. I hope that u guys can do better gud luck :D.
Paul Hankward Oct 29, 2015

the taste is good but the serving rating and the surroundings are low so u better pay attention to that.
farhan Oct 14, 2015

Not satisfied here with the management, poor quality and quantity as well, not going back again here in Lahore Pizza Hut
Saniya Mushtaq Oct 12, 2015

Very Nice place I like very much, quality and quantity both are well manage here by the qualified staff
rabia shahid Sep 30, 2015

rates are too high make ur prices addordable
Vjnarni Sep 27, 2015

The ambiance and services are great the soup was delicious (cream of chicken). The seafood was good. Fried prawns were very nice. Spicy seafood was definitely good. Pizza was not upto the mark. Could be better. Tiramisu and panna cotta was below average.
mansha Sep 09, 2015

Love that grill. Grill par jaali bhi laga letay tu ziada mehfooz rahta. waisay grill kafi mazboot hai.
Kamar Shah Sep 02, 2015

Not a good deal here i found, staff services were also not satisfied, i look forward to the other restaurant next time..
Mujahid Ahshraf Khan Sep 02, 2015

Whenever, I have special celebration, my choice is always, without 2nd thought, Al-Nakhal. Where you can enjoy every type of food. Thanks for making our stay as comfortable as possible. Wish you great success.
Hina Baig Sep 02, 2015

I am sooooo Happy to get the best offer for students specially in Lahore, wow now i have a plan to give party here and enjoy the day with college friends, thanks KFoods for sharing the deals