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Daal Kachori Recipe in Urdu

Chef Gulzar    Posted By:sanobar hayat,
Daal Kachori
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Daal ki Kachori is a very delicious and tasteful Indian snack. At a time, it was famous in Punjab especially as a breakfast item however now it is famous around the world. Kachori is enjoyed at various occasions; it's served in dinner in Mehndi and other wedding functions and also used as an Aftari item in Ramadan. is providing Kachori Recipe in Urdu by Chef Gulzar. Here it is..
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Daal Kachori  Recipe in Urdu
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Daal Kachori or Kachauri is a famous spicy snack food of Pakistan and India. In India, it is famous in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Bengal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. In Pakistan it is a very popular food in Karachi and Lahore.

The believed upon origin of Dal Kachori is Uttar Pradesh in India. In Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Rajasthan, usually a kachauri is a round flour-filled ball stuffed with moong daal mixture, besan, red pepper and salt. Other than Dall Kachori, in Rajashtani Cuisine, Piyaz Kachori (Onion Kachori) is a famous kachori snack. In Gujarat, it is available in different varations, usuallya a round flour ball filled with yellow moong daal, black and red pepper and ginger paste. In Delhi, kachori is offered as a chaat snack. In Karachi, it is a small fried loaf, made with maida (all purpose flour) and mixture of chane ki daal (chickpeas) and eaten with aloo ki tarkari (Potato gravy).

Yet you would have been eating it on the food shops and streets. Now with the help of recipe at, you can make it at home. Just do it and enjoy a lovely snack meal with kachori.

 Daal Kachori

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 Reviews & Comments (41)
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Ayesha Noman - Karachi Jul 02, 2015
After a long time of searching an easy method of making kichori at home, finally i copied your content because its very easy to understand and all ingredients are perfect not an additional items added in it.. special Thanks to KFoods team for a good work of sharing a good recipes and totkas as well
Reham Naeem - Faislabad Jun 17, 2015
My sister copied and mail me this yummy method to of kichori, i cooked it easily at home because there is no confusion about the method and ingredients, Thanks for the best dishes and totkas as well
Nadia Jameel - Lahore Jun 10, 2015
Kachari in these days are very famous in wedding... its a right time to cook it at home for all family members because of .. copied the whole method and ingredients but i want to know how i prepared this ingredients for about 10 persons??
Shumaila Faheem - Lahore Jun 07, 2015
According to the season of Ramadan 2015, your sharing is valuable because its very famous dish for the Iftar... I will cook it at home and also invite my close relatives to taste it... Please also share some more seasonal dishes like you shared it
Shazia Naseem - Karachi Jun 04, 2015
Kichori is like i enjoyed first time made by myself.. very thanks to the cooking expert about the quality and simple method including all the ingredients.. thanks again


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