How to Reduce the Pain of Stomach!

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Pait Ke Dard Ka Totka | Stomach Pain Relief Tips

Sometimes we all experience some uncomfortable stomach pain and for reducing this pain we commonly use medicine instead of homemade natural remedies so let’s try some of this natural homemade recipe which are very effective.
Black pepper:
Take equal size of black pepper and dry ginger and have a little amount daily,it will cure your pain.
Cinnamon :
It removes the pain caused by gases in the stomach. Use it in fewer amounts.
Take 2 gram of lemon juice,6 gram of garlic juice and add 6 gram of honey in it. It will remove pain. You can also have lemon juice and add a little bit black pepper and black cumin. It will also kill the bugs.
Brown mustard seed:
Grind brown mustard seed and then put a thin clothe on your stomach and spread brown mustard seed on it. Take it away after 10 minutes. It will magically cure the pain.
Carom seeds:
Take carom seeds 2 gram , salt one gram and take it with hot water. it will remove pain.
Another remedy is that take 15 gram of carom seeds , 6 gram on salt and half gram carom seeds , grind them all and put this mixture in bottle and start using it water daily.
Two spoon carom seeds , 8 spoon black cumin, and two spoon black salt, grind them and take it with warm lemon squeezed water. It is very beneficial for stomach pain and remove indigestion. It also removes stomach pain.

بعض دفعہ ہم پیٹ کے معمولی سے درد کو بھی برداشت نہیں کر پاتے اس درد کو ختم کرنے کے لئے چند گھریلو طریقے یہ ہیں ۔
۱۔ کالی مرچ :
تھوڑی سی کالی مرچ اور کچھ لہسن کے ٹکڑے مکس کرکے کھانے سے پیٹ کے درد سے آرام مل جاتا ہے ۔
۲۔ دار چینی :
دار چینی پیٹ کے درد کے لئے بہت مفید ہے ، گیس سے ہونے والی تکلیف میں یہ آرام دیتی ہے ۔
۳ ۔لیموں
دو گرام لیموں ، چھ گرام لہسن کا رس اور چھ گرام شہد کو مکس کرکے پینے سے پیٹ کا درد ختم ہوجاتا ہے ۔

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hina abdul majid Aug 02, 2016
Aoa zubaida apa mujhe bhe stomach main pain rehta hai jis ki wajha se zuban bhe bohat dry aur karwi rehti hai.stomach main pain ki wajha se kafi disturbed rehti hun.please acha sa koi Hal bta du app.please
shagi Sep 03, 2015
Mere stomic ke pRoblem he men ne buht madicen khi he kha b rhi ho par koi frk ne pr rah ab mere face pe farecol age he to plz plz plz mujhe kuch batae
fouzia Jan 22, 2014
Aoa zubiada apa mjy kitny arsy sy gas problem ha.koi ilaj btayn.


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