Homemade Shampoo By Dr. Khurram

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Ghar ka bana hova shampoo | homemade shampoo for dry hair

Homemade Shampoo By Dr. Khurram - Even though you can go into any shopping store and buy shampoo for any hair that you need but the benefits to make it at home is that you can use all natural ingredients and avoid all other useless chemicals. Here is a perfect formula for your hair shampoo by Pakistan famous Dr. Khurram.

Ingredients for Shampoo:
Plain Water 2 Litre
Amla handful
Dried Neem Leave handful
Sika Kai handful
Ritha handful
Khaskhash handful
Sodium Benzoate 1 tbsp full
Sandalwood Oil 1 small bottle
Chemical Solution 1 small cap size:
(a) Keta Conazole
(b) Terbinafine
(c) Zinc Pyrithione
Note: Add only 1 chemical solution whichever available (A, B or C).
Add all indredients in 2 litre water for boiling with the quantity stated above.
When water color changes to dark brown like tea.
Stain to separate the liquid and store in bottle after cooling it down.
No need to refrigerate can be kept in a bathroom.
This solution is suitable for 3 months use only.

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