Blisters (Chalay) in Mouth

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Remedies for Fever Blister | Muh ke Chhalon Sy Nijat k liye | Gharelu Nuskhe Tongue Blister

Blister is a mouth disease usually affects children and also occurs in adults. There are different kind of medicines are available in the market but a natural homemade medicine is quite better than other so here is a authentic tip that how to get rid of mouth blister by Pakistan’s famous tips expert Zubaida Tariq.
•Take coriander powder little bit mix it with honey and eat it.
•Apply glycerin on effected areas.
•Take 1 banana with 1 cup yogurt and eat it daily.

منہ کے چھالوں کے آرام کے لیے تھوڑا سا دھنیہ پاؤڈر شہد میں ملا کر کھائیں- یا پھر گلیسرین بھی متاثرہ جگہ پر لگائیں جاسکتی ہے- اس کے علاوہ ایک کیلا اور ایک کپ دہی بھی روزانہ کھائی جاسکتی ہے-

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Sana Tayab Sep 08, 2015
Its a major issue in my family, specially with my husband... but now he is in relieve because of your simple and easy to follow tips.. many thanks for sharing totkas
Umair khan Jul 08, 2015
Salam.. mery moo mai chaly kai arsy sy phrty hy boht elaj kar chuka hn kafi parhez b kar chuka hn temporary tek ho jaty hy phir again infection ho jati hy or sath mai pimples b nikalty hy meri face par white pimple hoty hy..plzz mujy koi tips dy mai kia karu boht tng achuka hn in sb sy plzz help me...
bushraawan Jun 28, 2015
Aoa zubaida appa mare abbu g k mounh mn 4sal se chale hain unko yah expired coldrink se hua tha jo kisi ne pilla di thi unki tabiat bohat kharab ha woh kuch kha nahin sakte please koe totka bta dain


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