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chicken masala dar salad
Nuzhat - Peshawar Feb 20, 2017
the chicken masala dar salad recipe is really superb and cannot be beaten by taste. actually all salad recipes are superb but chicken masala dar salad is very special. generally my mom cooks the food but whenever i cook, i choose my favorite dishes like this one.
Chicken Hara Masala Kofta
Hamida - Faisalabad Feb 20, 2017
hi good morning. came back here to give my feedback for chicken hara masala kofta recipe. it gave a great taste . before cooking it, i didn't focus on such dishes but now i am more interested in chicken recipes.
Mutton masala daar biryani
Naziha - Lahore Feb 15, 2017
please give more Rice recipes because I like your Mutton masala daar biryani and not only me but my mom and dad also liked it's taste and they asked me how to cook it. I told about this recipe.


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