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Now it’s not difficult to cook different sort of yummy foods because we brought to you easy way of cooking yummy dishes step by step. Where you can exactly know what to do and how to do specially for those people who have no idea about cooking or cooking 1st time can easily understand the way of cooking. This is not enough because with these easy step by step recipes method you may easily enhance the taste of your foods. So let’s try these simple step by step recipes and be a cooking expert.

Highway Karahi Recipe

Here is the recipe of highway karahi also known as Super highway karahi. This refers to karahi available at dhaba restaurants at Karachi to Hyderabad highway. Generally, the taste we find with it is not available at restaurants within the city and that's something unique of it.

If you used to visit highway restaurants to taste this special karahi, now need not!

Ask your wife, mom or sister and she will prepare this spicy chicken karahi for you, however first bring them the ingredients.

Find highway karahi recipe in Urdu step by step below.

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How to Make Brown Sauce Recipe

Here is the sauce for your beef steak. See how to make brown sauce for beef steak with step by step recipe by Chef Naushaba Ahmed explained here at

Brown sauce is added to different kinds of steaks including beef and chicken steaks. It is made with carrots and onions, white pepper and maida flour. Melted sugar is also added to add sort of sweetness which works fine when added to steak.

Recipe of brown sauce is very and explained here in steps makes it even easier for you.

Enjoy brown sauce with American steak recipe.

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Chicken Stuffed Bread Recipe

Today I am going to teach you how to make keema stuffed chicken bread recipe at home. You would find it available at bakeries and sweet shops and with my given step by step recipe, you can make it yourself. We will use spicy chicken qeema to use as filling. So it is gonna a delicious snack you can enjoy with tomato ketchup along a cup of tea.

Chicken stuffed bread is prepared in three phases, first phase is about making dough, second phase involves making chicken and finally preparing the bread itself.

Here is recipe of chicken stuffed bread in Urdu step by step. See another recipe for chicken bread here

Note: Find dough recipe here.

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Bihari Paratha Recipe

Today, I am going to disclose the recipe of bihari paratha, a famous eatable from Bihari cuisine. Beyond the joys of ordinary parathas that you have been eating in breakfasts, let's get to know about a paratha that is extra-ordinary. This one is filled with a paste of split Bengal gram, onions, garlic ginger, black cumin and salt. You can enjoy it just with some kind of pickle and chutney. And if you like, you can also eat it with a light curry dish.

You should not be worry about making it at all. Scroll through this step by step pictorial recipe and end happy with a delicious paratha on your dining table.

Let's start the recipe.

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Dinner Rolls Recipe

Dinner roll recipe is famous and easy one that you can make at home within 40 to 45 minutes. Dinner rolls are light sweet snack to enjoy at evening. Serve it with tea in morning or evening and enjoy a nice time with your family.

Dinner rolls are very easy to make, requiring very few ingredients that would make the dough. And that's all. Once dough is prepared, all you need is to shape the rolls and bake them for 20 to 25 minutes. Main ingredients for the dough include all-purpose flour (maida), sugar, salt, egg, ghee and lukewarm water.

So here is how to make dinner rolls recipe at home (step by step).

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Chicken Makhani Recipe

Today we are going to learn an easy chicken makhani handi recipe by famous Pakistani chef Naushaba Ahmed. is sharing step by step procedure for making makhani chicken at home. I am personally sharing my experience, it was awesome and still I am looking around to have it for eating.

Since makhani chicken has grown popular in Pakistan, many restaurants started offering it with different taste and appearance. Some offer spicy, some offer creamy chicken makhani. The one we are going to offer is a creamy makhani recipe which uses coconut and almond paste to make the taste as better as possible.

Here is how to make chicken makhani recipe step by step.

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Chicken Kabab Roll Recipe

Making a chicken kabab rolls recipe is easier than you think of it. You just need boneless chicken, tenderizer, some spices and couple of flatbreads (paratha). And within minutes, you would be enjoying a superb delicious food. Have it in lunch, dinner or in the evening just without a reason. Tomato ketchup, chilli garlic sauce or imli chutney would make the best pair with it.

Chicken kabab rolls are famous from southern end to the northern end of Pakistan. From Karachi to Lahore, Islamabad and even in Northern Areas of Pakistan. It is a fast food snack, prepared quickly with less effort required however tastes great.

See how to make chicken kabab roll recipe step by step.

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How to Make Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

How to make chicken jalfrezi recipe? Don't know about? Don't worry, I will going to give you a detailed recipe of chicken jalfrezi in Urdu with step by step instructions with pictures. Chicken jalfrezi is written with different spellings variations such as zalfrezi and jhal frezi. It is a kind of curry dish with fried pieces of chicken with different vegetables and spices. When it is cooked, it becomes like a thick dry curry which can be used with rice or eaten with chapati.

Chicken jalfrezi was introduced in India. According to a survey in 2011, jalfrezi was the most demanded food in UK Indian restaurants. It's thick dry curry distinguishes it with common curry foods. You can make it too at home. See the details below and learn about it.

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Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll Recipe

Let's enjoy mayo garlic paratha roll we are going to make today. Chicken mayo garlic roll enhances the taste of chicken roll you normally eat. Procedure is almost similar to rolls we make normally however it includes adding mayo garlic sauce and minor other changes. is sharing step by step mayo roll recipe in Urdu & English as well. With the help of this recipe, you can easily prepare awesome paratha rolls at home.

Here is how to make chicken mayo garlic roll recipe (step by step):

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Hyderabadi Kachay Gosht Ki Biryani - Step By Step Recipe

Hyderabadi Kachay Gosht Ki Biryani Step By Step Recipe is a traditional & famous dish of desi food lovers, it is prepared by using simple ingredients and method of cooking is also very simple for every one, KFoods brings hyderabad ki mazedar biyani in very simple process of making at home, served it with raita or chutney and salad. Lets try it at home and enjoy the day with your family members & friends.

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