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Now it’s not difficult to cook different sort of yummy foods because we brought to you easy way of cooking yummy dishes step by step. Where you can exactly know what to do and how to do specially for those people who have no idea about cooking or cooking 1st time can easily understand the way of cooking. This is not enough because with these easy step by step recipes method you may easily enhance the taste of your foods. So let’s try these simple step by step recipes and be a cooking expert.

Al Baik Chicken Recipe

AlBaik is a famous chicken broast vendor in Saudi Arabia. Al baik chicken recipe is not only popular among native Saudis but also among the pilgrims who visit Makkah and Madina cities. This special broast is prepared with unique spices that are not part of the regular broast recipe. And that is the reason of it's worldwide popularity.

Find step by step recipe for Al Baik broast in Urdu and enjoy this outclass chicken at home. has also offered Al Baik chicken sauce recipe.

Here is how to make al baik chicken.
Let's start!

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Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll Recipe

Let's enjoy mayo garlic paratha roll we are going to make today. Chicken mayo garlic roll enhances the taste of chicken roll you normally eat. Procedure is almost similar to rolls we make normally however it includes adding mayo garlic sauce and minor other changes. is sharing step by step mayo roll recipe in Urdu & English as well. With the help of this recipe, you can easily prepare awesome paratha rolls at home.

Here is how to make chicken mayo garlic roll recipe (step by step):

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How to Make Achar Gosht Recipe

Achar Gosht is a popular Pakistani food. At least any of the women in every home must know the recipe of Achar Gosht. It is an often cooked recipe because it's taste is so good that everyone likes it. Achar gosht requires meat as usual and some other pickle spices which actually form the taste of Achar Gosht.

Learn how to make achar gosht recipe with step by step instructions offered by If you are to cook this dish first time, you landed the right page. This page contains each and every step in making pickle meat recipe with very clear instructions.

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Turai Aur Anday - Step By Step Recipe

Turai Aur Anday Step By Step Recipe is prepared by KFoods top listed home cooking expert, its a unique combination for vegetarians. Anday & torai is prepared by using an easy to available ingredients and the method of cooking is also very simple to follow. Here at KFoods you can also share your own homemade delicious dishes with thousands of active users.

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How to Make Moong Dal and Rice Kheer

Today we are going to prepare a very special moong dal kheer with coconut milk and rice. Traditionally, a kheer is made with rice and plain milk and therefore, this special kheer recipe makes people surprised. Addition of mung beans adds beauty to the kheer taste as well as using coconut milk permeates a refreshing aroma which makes it more appealing to eat.

Recipe of moong dal & rice kheer is really easy. is sharing its recipe in Urdu with step by step instructions. Get it and experience a new flavor of sweet kheer.

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Lahori Murgh Cholay-Step By Step Recipe

Lahori Murgh Cholay | Step By Step Recipe is one of the traditional and most favorite dish of Pakistani food lovers, it is prepared by using spicy and healthy ingredients and very simple method to cook easily at home. Here at KFoods, you can easily get many of your delicious recipes in steps by step format because its very simple way to cook by following the steps.
Here you can also get the recipe in Text format ( Urdu & Roman ) : Lahori Murgh Cholay

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How to Make Lab e Shireen Recipe

Lab e Shireen is a delicious sweet dessert, whose recipe was introduced lately in South Asia (Pakistan and India). Before the time of Labe Shireen, we only knew kheer, halwa or sheer khurma as after-meal desserts in Pakistan. However, this juicy dessert has massively replaced the ways sweets were served and enjoyed.

Labe Shireen is made with milk, corn flour, fruit cocktail, colorful noodles and jellies. Other add-ons like cashews, pistachios, walnuts and almonds are added for flavor and aroma. It has also become popular as a party dish and you would see in weddings and similar ceremonies, labeshireen as sweet dish being served after the main course.

See how to make labeshireen recipe in Urdu with step by step guide by

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Vegetable Cutlets Recipe

Enjoy the recipe of veg cutlet! Yes, today I am offering an easy recipe for making delicious vegetable cutlets with all pictures, I took during preparing it. You and your family would love eating different vegetables this way.

Making a veggie cutlet is very easy.

Main ingredients used in vegetable cutlet recipe are as follows:

  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage

Along other spices and ingredient items, finally it prepares a delicious thing to enjoy as a snack. You can also enjoy it as a side dish in dinner or lunch.

Make it tonight and enjoy!

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How to Make Doodh Dulari Recipe in Urdu

Doodh Dulari is a very popular sweet dish of Pakistan. It's recipe includes milk, colored noodles, corn flour, condensed milk, fruit cocktail, strawberry jelly, khoya, cham cham & gulab jamun sweet and fresh cream, doodh dulari which finally gives a very splendid taste. It is very similar to another Pakistani dessert Lab e Shireen with minor difference.

Labe shireen and doodh dulari opened new chapters in sweet dishes. Now people happily serve such newly introduced desserts in their parties and events. All across Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, these dishes got equally famous; replaced old styles of serving sweets after meal.

So here is the recipe for doodh dulari in Urdu along step by step picture instructions. The fantastic taste of this sweet will appeal you again and again.

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How to Make Haldi Doodh

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Chicken Rice Kabab Recipe

Today's recipe is rice and chicken kabab. You have already tasted dozens of types of kababs but I can bet you have never happened to eat this one. The main ingredients of this kabab are chicken, rice and eggs with inclusion of some other spices. I have made it and now presenting for you with step by step pictures for your ease. Find the recipe and learn how to make chicken rice kebabs and enjoy either with your meal or as an evening snack.

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